Mass Effect 5 Might Use Unreal Engine To Escape Andromeda’s Tech Issues

It should not be surprising to know that developer BioWare has been considering to use Unreal Engine instead of Frostbite Engine for Mass Effect 5.

According to a new job posting from the weekend, BioWare needs a technical director for Mass Effect 5 who must have “experience with Unreal Engine 4″ or higher. VentureBeat editor Jeff Grubb has furthermore confirmed through multiple sources that BioWare has been looking to replace Frostbite because with Unreal “everything is on the table when it comes to tech for a new Mass Effect.”

The original Mass Effect trilogy was built on Unreal Engine. Mass Effect: Andromeda was however built on Frostbite Engine which reportedly led to a slew of technical problems. The same was the case with Anthem.

BioWare hence dealt with two critical failures (Andromeda and Anthem) largely because of trying to mold an engine mainly designed for first-person shooters like Battlefield for a third-person open world game.

Repeating the same nightmare for Mass Effect 5 would not be something either BioWare or publisher Electronic Arts would want. The smarter move being to license out Unreal Engine to kick-start the Mass Effect franchise into new beginnings, or risk using Frostbite to bury the franchise in the Andromeda galaxy.

A new Mass Effect game was announced last year as a sequel to the original trilogy. The setting more or less confirmed that Electronic Arts wants to forget Mass Effect: Andromeda which was supposed to launch its own trilogy at the time. Andromeda was however riddled with bugs and glitches at release and was also responsible for producing some of the worst facial animations ever.

The new installment remains without a numeral but fans have dubbed it as Mass Effect 5 with Andromeda being the fourth in the series. BioWare has assured that all fan-feedback from the past is being taken in for the new entry, and which is probably why the developer wants to make development a lot easier by going with Unreal Engine.

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