Mass Effect 4 Could Show Up at E3 2015

Development of the next Mass Effect (which we’re dubbing as Mass Effect 4) is apparently going splendidly well. The game’s senior development director Chris Wynn is pretty excited on the progress and this week he kept busy on Twitter by responding to questions bombed by fans.

Some of his answers give us slight hints to where the franchise is now moving. While still vague, the new Mass Effect seems to be taking place after the events of the original trilogy.

Previously, BioWare stated that the new game will not be focusing on Shepard. Wynn did not clarify if this meant Shepard is completely out of the picture or will be taking on a minor role.

It though makes more sense of BioWare to leave aside Shepard since his tale is already done, and not tread on the same grounds. That said, there’s still the matter on how the game takes on the different endings of Mass Effect 3, provided that the new installment really is set up after it.

When asked if the studio has something special planned for Mass Effect at E3 2015, Wynn said “wait and see!” That sounds like we’ll be seeing a new trailer this year. It would be even better if we get treated to some gameplay footage.

However, seeing that the release of the game is still pending and probably somewhere in 2016, it might be too soon for actual in-game footage. A recent rumor suggested that BioWare is also working on a HD release of the original trilogy. Legitimacy of this news is still pending.

Source: Twitter

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