Mass Effect 4 Rumored to Bring Back The Protheans

Everyone is fully willing to grasp at straws when trying to put together the script of Mass Effect 4. BioWare has so far only teased us with how beautiful the game is looking so far, and earlier comments from senior development director Chris Wynn have confirmed that it would be taking place after the events of the original trilogy.

Today, a new clue has been discovered that signals the return of an ancient race in the Mass Effect universe, one which hasn’t been seen for over 50,000 years. Gameranx reports the discovery of a Prothean in a video published by IGN as part of its E3 2014 coverage last year.

The alien race is known for the development of the Citadel, the mass relays, and an empire that spanned across the entire galaxy. In the Mass Effect trilogy, players would often come across artifacts, ruins and technology based on the Protheans. Except for that, not much is known and the race remains to be shrouded in mystery. Perhaps BioWare will be unraveling that tale in the upcoming new game.

It’s possible that Mass Effect 4 will make an appearance at E3 2015. The game’s looking for a release late in 2016. Based on that timeline, development would still be in its early stages and so we shouldn’t expect a full reveal.

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