Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer will be the first time the series gets a multiplayer mode, and there is plenty to offer given the huge amounts of customization that can be made in its expansive universe.

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

In this guide we’ll go over some of the aspects of the Multiplayer mode, including the Classes/Races, the Customizations, the multiplayer store and many others.

Later on, we will go in-depth on tips of how to level up quickly and recommended customizations.

For more help on Mass Effect 3, read our Powers and Stat Upgrades, Weapons & Equipment and Troubleshooting Guide.

The multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3 is a horde-styled mode in which you may or may not have to complete certain missions to proceed alongside other players.

The multiplayer basically pits you against eleven waves of enemies ranging between Cerberus, Geths, Reapers and Collectors.

You have to fight them in a team of up to 4 players, while completing the objectives assigned to you successively on waves 3, 6 and 10.

Eliminating all enemies on the ground ends the wave and you also have to complete the objectives. The Objectives are listed below.

There are basically three difficulty levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold, plus the fourth level; Platinum, if you have the Mass Effect 3: Earth DLC pack. Playing at higher difficulty levels yields greater XP and more valuable awards

Unlike most other games though, the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3 will actually have an impact on the singleplayer through the ‘Galactic Readiness’ rating.

However, it is not essential to play the multiplayer to actually complete the singleplayer storyline.

One of five types of objectives are assigned each at waves 3, 6 and 10. Completing the objectives translates to success in the mission.

The objectives assigned are randomly chosen out of the following five;


Requires eliminating 4 enemy targets that are much stronger than the usual enemies.


This involves retrieval of two package and transporting them to a designated location on the map while engaging enemy waves.

There are a few things to know;

  • Movement speed is reduced while carrying the packages.
  • Sprinting or combat rolling cause the package to drop.
  • Using skills such as, Shadow Strike, Biotic Charge, Havoc Strike or Tactical Cloak will also drop the package.


A specified zone contains a console that needs to be hacked. Holding ground inside the zone limits allows the hack to progress. Multiple players inside the zone speed up the hacking.


Fairly simple. You’ll have to interact with 4 devices in a certain sequence.


You have to activate a drone and escort it to an extraction zone where it will collect data. The drone itself is invulnerable and occasionally it will replenish players’ shields and also engage enemy targets.

Multiple player inside the extraction zone will speed up the process, just as in hacking.

Note: The objectives are time constrained. Completing objective before timeout will yield bonus points for the amount of time saved.

Medals are awarded to the players both individually and as a squad on basis of the performance in the game. Medal range through Bronze, Silver and Gold, awarding +500, +1000 and +1500-2000 XP respectively.

Kills, Revives, Headshots, Grabs, Melees and Assists, all add up to determine which level of medal you will collect.

Squad Medals are awarded on the performance of the entire team. Maintaining killstreak, Survival, Completion of Objective and Playing at high difficulty levels; add merit to the squad medal.

Classes and Races
Multiple classes and races will be available in the game, and you will be able to customize your character to the bone. However, you will not be able to use your Shepard model in the multiplayer mode.

All six classes are playable in the multiplayer mode. You can read our Classes guide for more information regarding the compatible races with the respective class types, and their descriptions and abilities.

You can play the following races in ME3 multiplayer:

  • Asari
  • Drell
  • Human
  • Krogan
  • Salarian
  • Turian

Character Customization
Apart from the general customizability of the physical features of your character, there are many other customizations that can be made. Obviously here the primary subject is the customization of your loadout.

Some of the things that can be customized in the multiplayer are:

Appearance Modifications:
Players will be able to customize their appearance in multiplayer. In the demo of the game, players have the liberty to modify the color and lighting style of their armor with primary and secondary colors.

Patterns etcetera can also be applied in the multiplayer. We are expecting that more complex armor types will also be available in the retail release of the game.

Equipment Modifications:
The equipment modification offers lots of enhancements to the equipment of a player before heading into the battlefield in the multiplayer mode. The player will be able to choose which bonuses to activate prior to the start of the match.

Equipment Modifications are grouped into the following categories:

Ammo Bonuses:

Ammo bonuses give the player various types of ammos. These are of the following types (more on this in Powers Guide)

  • Incendiary Rounds
  • Warp Rounds
  • Armor Piercing Rounds
  • Disruptor Rounds

Armor Bonuses
Armor Bonuses provide buffs to your armor, general stats and health rating. Armor Bonuses can do anything from increasing movement speed to increasing shield power.

Some of the Armor bonuses in the game are:

  • Adrenaline Module
  • Cyclonic Modulator
  • Power Amplifier Module
  • Power Efficiency Module


Supplies include the following items:

  • Cobra Missile Launcher – One-shot missile launcher used for taking out heavier enemies
  • Medi-Gel – Used to revive yourself when incapacitated in combat; single use in multiplayer
  • Ops Survival Packs – Fully restores health and shields; single use
  • Thermal Clip Packs – Refills your grenade supply and thermal clips; single use

Weapon Bonuses

Weapon Bonuses Provide buffs to the respective weapons they are made for. These buffs can range from increase damage to reduced recoil.

Some of the Weapon Bonuses are:

  • Pistol Rail Amp
  • SMG Rail Amp
  • Shotgun Rail Amp
  • Assault Rifle Rail Amp
  • Sniper Rifle Rail Amp

Multiplayer Store
Players will be able to earn credits through the completion of multiplayer rounds in Mass Effect 3. These can then be spent in the multiplayer store to get upgrades for their weapons and equipment.

They will allow the player to earn weapon, armor, and ammo bonuses, and will allow players to pick their own bonuses according to their desires.

The following packs are available the multiplayer of Mass Effect 3.

Starter Pack:
The Starter Pack is free, and is available to all players starting the multiplayer. This pack will give you “new weapons and characters”, as stated in its description.

Recruit Pack:
The price of the Recruit Pack is 5000 credits. Unlike the Starter Pack, which can only be purchased once, the Recruit Pack can be purchased multiple times.

According to the description of the Recruit Pack, it is “a great way to upgrade and unlock your basic weapons, mods and characters”, and includes “5 random items or characters, with a small chance for an Uncommon.”

Veteran Pack:
The Veteran Pack is the most expensive pack of all, costing 20,000 credits. It contains the rarest characters, weapons and equipment out of all. It will include “5 random items or characters, with at least 1 Uncommon or better.

Stay tuned for more details on customization, leveling tips and strategies, as a lot more is to come soon!

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