Mass Effect 3 Controls and Keybindings Guide – Kinect, PC and Consoles

Mass Effect 3 is coming out for multiple platforms, and though each of the three platforms will share the same in-game experience, one thing will always differ: the controls.

In this guide, we’ll go over the controls of the PC and Xbox 360 (both Kinect and normal). For more help on Mass Effect 3, read our Companions Guide, Multiplayer Guide and Troubleshooting Guide.

PC Controls
BioWare has confirmed that the PC version of the game will not have support for other controllers via USB. Thus the only method of control in the game is the conventional Mouse+Keyboard.

There shouldn’t be any adjustment difficulty for the users who have already played the previous two games, as most of the bindings have been retained. However, if you are new or have always preferred your own setup, you can always alter the assigned keys to the desired on the PC.

Here are the default keys for the PC-version of Mass Effect 3.

General Bindings:

  • Move Forward W
  • Move Backward S
  • Strafe Left A
  • Strafe Right D
  • Walk Left Control
  • Use/ Cover/ Storm Spacebar
  • Navigational Assistance V
  • Cover Turn Middle Mouse Button
  • Quick Save F5
  • Quick Load F9

Combat Bindings:

  • Shoot Left Mouse Button
  • Aim Right Mouse Button
  • Reload R
  • Melee F
  • Swap Weapon X
  • Next Weapon Mouse Scroll Down
  • Previous Weapon Mouse Scroll Up
  • Command HUD (HOLD) Left Shift
  • Order Rally C
  • Order Squadmate 1 to Move/Attack Q
  • Order Squadmate 2 to Move/Attack E
  • Order Attack Z
  • Quick Slot 1-8 Key 1-8 perform Each Quick Slot Power or Ability


  • Text Chat T
  • Voice Chat (HOLD) Tab
  • Prolong Life Spacebar


  • Exit Atlas/Mounted Gun X

Xbox 360 Kinect Controls
BioWare had confirmed quite a while back that Mass Effect 3 will fully support Kinect voice recognition. The recognition is very accurate in the game, and allows players to quickly control strategic variables such as position of squad-mates, object interaction and others without the need of pressing buttons.

The voice commands are listed in the following manner:

“Command” Action

Interaction Commands:

  • “Activate” Interact with panel
  • “Bypass” Bypass a locked door
  • “Deactivate” Deactivate a turret
  • “Examine” Interact with object
  • “Open” Open doors or cases
  • “Pick up” Pick up weapons, ammo and items
  • “Reactivate” Toggle a turret or device on
  • “Salvage” Salvage parts and materials from an object
  • “Talk” Talk to an NPC
  • “Quick Save” Saves the game

Combat Commands:

  • “Switch Weapon” Switches Weapon
  • “Sniper Rifle” Equips Sniper Rifle
  • “Shotgun” Equips Shotgun
  • “Submachine Gun” Equips SMG
  • “Assault Rifle” Equips Assalut Rifle
  • “Heavy Pistol” Equips Heavy Pistol
  • “Sidearm” Equips Sidearm

Class Commands:


  • “Adrenaline Rush” Activates Power
  • “Concussive Shot” Activates Power
  • “Frag Grenade” Throw a Grenade
  • “Incendiary Ammo” Equip Incendiary Ammo
  • “Disruptor Ammo” Equip Disruptor Ammo
  • “Cryo Ammo” Equip Cryo Ammo

(More commands for other classes will be added soon)

Character-Specific Commands:


  • “Carnage” Uses Carnage
  • “Fortification” Uses Fortification
  • “Incendiary Ammo” Uses Incendiary Ammo
  • “Throw Grenade” Throws Grenade
  • “Frag Grenade” Uses Frag Grenade
  • “Assault Rifle” Equips Assault Rifle
  • “Shotgun” Equips Shotgun
  • “Switch Weapon” Switches Weapon


  • “Singularity” Uses Singularity
  • “Warp” Uses Warp
  • “Stasis” Uses Stasis
  • “Warp Ammo” Equips Warp Ammo
  • “Submachine Gun” Equips SMG
  • “Heavy Pistol” Equips Heavy Pistol
  • “Switch Weapon” Switches Weapon

(More commands for other characters will be added soon)

Xbox 360 Normal Controls
The controls of the Xbox 360 (controller) are similar to the previous ME games. Each button, trigger and stick has a function of its own.

You can, however, change the stick and trigger functions of the controller if you wish to through the options. However, majority of the players tend to stick with the default settings.

Below are the default controls for the Xbox 360 controller in Mass Effect 3:

General Controls:

  • Move Forward/Back/Side Left Analog Stick
  • Look Around Right Analog Stick
  • Use/Talk A Pause/Menu Start Button

Combat Controls:

  • Enter Combat Stance Right Trigger or X (TAP)
  • Exit Combat Stance Back Button(TAP)
  • Zoom/Tight Aim Left Trigger (HOLD)
  • Fire Weapon Right Trigger(TAP/HOLD)
  • Storm A (HOLD) + Directional Stick
  • Sprint A (HOLD)
  • Take Cover A (TAP)
  • Hurdle/Climb/Vault an Object A (TAP) + Up on Left Stick
  • Reload X (TAP)
  • Melee B (TAP) for Light B (HOLD) for Heavy
  • Switch Weapon X (HOLD)
  • Navigation Assistance Press Left/Right Trigger Down
  • Use Class Power Y, Rb, Lb (TAP) or Right Bumper Button (HOLD) with Directional Stick
  • Weapon Wheel Left Bumper Button(HOLD)
  • Power Wheel Right Bumper Button(HOLD)
  • Order Squad to Attack Enemy Directional Pad (UP)
  • Order Squad to Return to Your Position Directional Pad (DOWN)
  • Order Squadmate to a Point or Target Directional Pad (LEFT/RIGHT)

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