Mass Effect 3 Armor Sets Guide

Wearing a good armor increases your survival rate against your enemies in pursuit of War Assets, but if you want to look good wearing an armor, you will have to complete an armor set for which we prepared this Mass Effect 3 Armor Sets guide.

Read our Mass Effect 3 Armor Locations for detailed guide on where to find these armor pieces to complete your armor. If you are looking for weapons, read our Weapons Locations Guide.

Mass Effect 3 Armor Sets

You can complete following armor sets during your Mass Effect 3 adventures:

  • N7 Armor Set
  • Hahne-Kedar Armor Set
  • Armax Arsenal Armor Set
  • Serrice Council Armor Set
  • Kassa Fabrication Armor Set
  • Ariake Technologies Armor Set
  • Rosenkov Materials Armor Set

N7 Set Armor
You find all the pieces of N7 armor automatically. It gives you 10% health boost.

Hahne-Kedar Armor Set
Each Hahne-Kedar armor piece adds 10% to weapon damage. You can find:

  • Chest plate during ‘Tuchanka’
  • Extract Turian Survivors’
  • Buy Shoulders from ‘Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies’
  • Greaves during Priority – Palaven
  • Gauntlets on random.

Armax Arsenal Armor Set
Each Armax Arsenal armor piece adds 5% to weapon damage and 10% to melee damage. You can find:

  • Chest plate during ‘Rannoch– Admiral Koris’
  • Shoulders during ‘Priority – Palaven’
  • Gauntlets during ‘N7 – Cerberus Attack
  • Greaves during ‘Priority – Sur’Kesh’.

Serrice Council Armor Set
Each Serrice Council armor piece adds 10% to power damage. You can find:

  • Chest plate during ‘Grissom Academy’
  • Shoulders during ‘Lesuss: Investigate Asari Colony’
  • Gauntlets from ‘Nos Astra Sporting Goods’
  • Greaves during ‘Priority: Cerberus Headquarters’.

Kassa Fabrication Armor Set
Each Kassa Fabrication armor piece adds 10% to shields. Chestplace can be found during ‘Priority – Mars’ mission. You can find/buy:

  • Shoulders from ‘Cipritine Armory’
  • Gauntlets during ‘Priority: Rannoch’
  • Greaves during ‘Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists’.

Ariake Technologies Armor Set
Each Ariake Technologies armor piece adds 10% to melee damage. You can get:

  • Chest plate from Kassa Fabrications
  • Shoulders during ‘Attican Traverse: Krogan Team’ mission
  • Gauntlets during ‘Priority – Mars’
  • Greaves during ‘N7: Communication Hub’.

Rosenkov Materials Armor Set
Each Rosenkov Materials armor piece adds 10% to power recharge speed. You can find:

  • Chest plate during ‘N7 – Fuel Reactors’ mission
  • Shoulders during ‘Priority – Horizon’
  • Gauntlets during ‘Tuchanka: Bomb’
  • Greaves from ‘Spectre Requisitions.

You can buy following armor sets from different shops at Citadel:

Cerberus Armor
Especially designed for shock troops to stand against creatures or forces to which normal troops can’t. The benefits of this armor are that it:

  • increases heavy weapon ammo capacity by +10%
  • Increases shields by +10%
  • Increases health by +10%

Terminus Armor
This armor is environmentally sealed with an independed air supply for use in space and extreme planetary conditions.

It also prevents detection by passive thermal sensors as the body heat is channeled into ground by the base of feet. This armor:

  • Increases sprint speed by 10%
  • All weapons have +10% reserve ammunition
  • Increase shields by 15%

Inferno Armor
This armor is built specifically for Cerberus field officers with a V I dedicated to read signs of stress and trauma. It can be purchased from Kassa Fabrications for 50,000 credits and offers:

  • +30% Power Recharge Speed
  • +30% Power Damage

Blood Dragon Armor
Available for buying at the Kanala Exports in the Presidium Commons for 50,000 credits, this Armor is originally created for Earth’s Urban Combat Championship League.

  • It increases Power Recharge Speed by 10%
  • Power Damage by 30%
  • Shields by 20%.

Collector Armor
This armor is adapted out of Salvaged collector technology making is very flexible yet tougher than the ballistic fiber. Its tissues are organic and hence allows it to self-heal and weightless like the skin.

You can purchase it from Nos Astra Sporting Goods for 50,000 Credits. It offers:

  • +20% Shield Regenerations
  • +20% Shield
  • +20% Health

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