Mass Effect 2 Playstation 3 vs Xbox 360 HD Video Comparison

Mass Effect 2 for Playstation 3 uses Mass Effect 3 engine which is different from what Xbox 360 version was made on. So it is expected to be visually better than Xbox 360 and it certainly is.

Utilizing the power of Unreal Engine 2010, Mass Effect 2 on Playstation 3 has sharper graphics, improved textures, improved dynamic lightening and shadows. If you have any doubt about that you can watch the Xbox 360 vs Playstation 3 version graphical comparison videos below taken from IGN’s Video Preview of the game. PS3 version looks stunning compared to Xbox 360.

Mass Effect 2: PS3 vs Xbox 360 – Jacob

Mass Effect 2: PS3 vs Xbox 360 – The Normandy

Mass Effect 2 demo hits PSN tomorrow so make sure you give it a try or you will be missing on one of ‘The RPG’ of this year.

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