Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3 Venom & Electro Boss Guide – Best Team, How to Beat

Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3 gives you a pretty sleek look at Marvel universe and its superheroes, and there are so many characters to unlock at different levels during the game. From all those villains and bosses you have to fight in Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3, the very first two are from SpiderMan universe, these are well known Weapon-X prisoners, Venom and Electro.

Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3 Venom and Electro

In this Ultimate Alliance 3 Boss Guide, we will go through the easy and quick way to defeat these bosses and acquire Venom as a playable character.

When it comes to Team Composition, we advise you to use SpiderMan, Captain America, and Black Panther for this fight.

As these are primarily SpiderMan villains, it makes sense for SpiderMan and other heroes like Captain America to fight them since their attacks hit hard and they dodge well.

How to Beat Electro

First, you face off Electro who is the very first boss of the game and is quite easy to defeat as you only need to:

  • Avoid all of his attacks as much as you can.
  • Dodge his attack when he jumps in the air and fires an Electric Ring on the ground.
  • Venom will be shooting as well from above and you have to look out for his attacks because if you get attacked by Venom during the Electro fight, you will mess up your energy and you may not be able to fight off Venom in the next phase of the fight.
  • If you get attacked by Venom, it will just slow down your character for a while, therefore, make sure to get out of it before Electro catches you.

How to Beat Venom

Once you have defeated Electro, Venom will directly jump into the battle and Electro will electrify Venom.

And now you have a full-power Venom and that too electrocuted. His attacks will be powerful and you might want to dodge all of them because hit once by his attack may drain more than half of your energy.

Moreover, you will not be able to attack Venom once he is electrocuted. The easiest way to defeat Venom is to electrify the cables hanging above the room and power up the Sonar. For that, you need to:

  • You have to keep dodging the attacks from Venom and during that you have to power up the sonar console at the top part of the room.
  • Just dodge Venom’s attacks until they jump high up in the room and then suddenly a yellow will be shown next to you, just go to those exposed wires.
  • When Venom will try to hit you, you have to dodge and those wires will be electrocuted and you have to shock Venom with those wires.
  • This will stun Venom for a while and you might want to use your extreme attack to get the maximum damage to Venom in those 10-15 seconds.
  • You just have to keep repeating this process until you bring Venom down.

Unlock Venom
Just when you defeat Venom you get to choose to talk to them through some lit cutscenes. Through those scenes, Venom will join the heroes’ party and you will be able to play the character from that moment onward.

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