Marvel’s SpiderMan PS4 Skills Guide – Best Skills, Which Skills Should You Get First

There are many different skills that you can get in SpiderMan but some of them are much better than others. We have looked at all of them and condensed all of the best skills in the game into this Marvel’s SpiderMan PS4 Skills Guide.

Our Marvel’s SpiderMan PS4 Skills Guide will tell you about 5 skills which you should definitely prioritize over all else.

Marvel’s SpiderMan PS4 Skills

Try to get these skills as fast as you can in the game. Although some other skills may turn out to be much more beneficial for some players, it is generally a good idea to go down the route that we have mentioned here.

Let us go ahead and take a look at each of the 5 skills that should come first and why that is the case.

Perfect Dodge

Get this skill as fast as you possibly can. It will allow you to pull off a dodge which a normal SpiderMan simply cannot. Perfect Dodge will turn your Spider-Sense blue at exactly the right time.

When that happens, you can dodge and the enemy will be stunned temporarily because you will have shot a web at them.

When this happens, you can then attack the enemy and do good damage by turning a defensive manoeuver into an offensive one.


Since enemies that have ranged weapons are much more difficult to deal with, getting the Payback skill is a good idea.

This ability allows you to instantly take down enemies after you have performed a Perfect Dodge. Of course, those enemies need to have a ranged weapon in their hands or it will not work.

Dodge Window

This skill combines with the Perfect Dodge as well. What this does is increase the time that your Spider-Sense is blue which means that you can get many Perfect Dodges off than you would be able to otherwise.

Master this skill and you will be able to defeat enemies much more easily.

Air Yank

This skill is very useful because you are able to yank the enemies while you are in the air. All you need to do is to hold the Triangle button when you are airborne and you will yank an enemy to you in the air.

This means you will be able to perform all of your aerial attacks while flying in the air. This skill is especially useful because you can isolate enemies in the later stages when taking them all on at once is very challenging.

Wrecking Ball

Although this skill will be unlocked quite a bit later on in the story, remember that it allows you to web up a brute enemy and throw them away to stun them and deal damage.

It can also be great for when you are surrounded by enemies but the massive brutes is where this skill will shine.

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