Marvel’s SpiderMan PS4 Research Stations Guide – All Optional Missions, How to Complete

The Marvel’s SpiderMan PS4 Research Stations Guide is regarding the optional side missions which you can obtain as a part of your interaction in Research Stations all around Manhattan.

Let us see how smart Spidey is, just follow along as we discuss how to go about all these Marvel’s SpiderMan PS4 Research Stations categorized according to their respective districts in the city.

Marvel’s SpiderMan PS4 Research Stations

Completing the option missions in these research stations award you with Research Tokens which come in handy in upgrading the suits or unlocking new ones, and XP which contributes to leveling up your character and acquiring new abilities.

Here are where you will find Research Stations and how you will get through them. Do note that each mission will earn you 2 Research Tokens and 100 XP.


Here, you will find four stations. The first one, Rigel, has a chemical leak which will be corrected should you find the correct patterns for the three problems.

The leak is on the chimney and you detect the problems with the R3 button. Solving these, you need to move to the roof and eliminate the effect of the toxic waste by pressing L1+R1.

For station Leo, there has been some issue regarding the data chain which appears to be disconnected and incomplete.

You will be required to rotate antennas on the roofs such that all point towards the one next to them so to form a closed series of the signals. Do be mindful of the timer for each antenna you connect.

From station Altair, you get the task of destroying 20 screens in Times Square. You need to arm yourself with Electronic web for this purpose, and it is just a basic procedure of aiming and shooting.

Getting the task from Betelgeuse station, you will need to head to a park and spray the vaccine in the air with the L1 button to cure the pigeons of any disease. Scan them in the end to verify your results.

Upper West

The mission obtained from Arcturus research station will task you to control a spiderbot roaming around the marked areas. Be sure to not be caught up in the traffic or be squished by one of the civilians.

Retrieve your bot after a bird takes it away to her nest. This will mark the end of the mission.

From Canopus station, the mission is a slight variation of connecting the antennas side task. This time, you also have to be wary of the lightning which may strike you and is indicated by a red dot on the map.

Swing away or after 3 strikes, you are out. Rotate all antennas so that they face the transmitting tower.

Upper East

Only one station is situated here, named Ceres, from which you get the mission to collect a sample containing something special. Now you will need to perform two stunts both of which involve skydiving from tall buildings.

One should be around 100 meters while the other should be approximately 250 meters for the requirement to be fulfilled. Complete the mission by returning your sample to the exact spot from where you picked it up.


Station Bellatrix has a special gadget for you which turns you invincible as long as the gadget is activated.

With such an ability, your task will be to shut down a bunch of drones without using your web abilities as they will snap you out of the gadget’s power and drones will not be detectable anymore. Deactivate the drones using the R1 button

From Station Polaris, you get a task of destroying 15 ventilation shafts on a particular building. Your web-shooting abilities will take care of it.

There is a time limit, but each ventilation shaft destroyed will give you additional time to find and destroy the next one.

The mission from Station Aries can only be unlocked once you have the Ground Strike ability equipped. From there on, it is just using the ability to destroy some tanks at different locations to get the job done.


Once again, you take control of the spiderbot thanks to the mission obtained from Pegasus research station. Here you will need to neutralize points of poisoned areas within the park.

After that is completed, you will need to search for a bandit within the groups of people you can observe in the park. Verifying him correctly, chase down the thief. Retrieve your gadget to successfully complete the mission.

Hell’s Kitchen

Ganymede station has a task for you that is similar to the one of vaccinating the birds. This time it is the sea and the fish that live in it.

Head to the harbor region and there first remove the cause of the environmental pollution: the barrels. Then proceed to vaccinate the spots marked on your map. Repeat the process some few times and then scan the fish to get the job done.


Station Gemini tasks you to take care of the problem regarding the pipes and the water reservoirs. Moving to the north of the region, you will need to follow the highlighted pipes which will lead you to a valve that needs to be turned off.

Sadly, things do not go quite as planned and you need to fill some holes in the reservoir that now exist due to the pressure changes. Web them up and clear out the sewers at the docks region.

From Station Sirius, you get a task to analyze some smog patches that lie through the region marked on the mini-map.

Head there and move through eight clouds of smoke to grab some test samples. Then take snapshots of the vehicle that is responsible for these smokes to complete the mission.

Financial District

South of the region, you have the Lyra station to get a mission regarding some strange sound interference problem. Do not swing through these waves, as you cannot.

Instead, use helicopters as points of swinging back and forth, until you manage to activate all the receivers or antennas to get rid of the interference issue.

North of the business district, you will find the Triton station. Get the mission from here and then walk (and not swing) to the point where you will find some bacteria samples in the garbage.

Take these to Dr. Otto’s lab and analyze the sample with the right pattern. Test your findings in Harry’s lab on a plastic bucket.

This is all we have in our Marvel’s SpiderMan PS4 Research Stations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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