Marvel’s SpiderMan PS4 Puzzles Solutions Guide – All Puzzles, How to Solve

There are many different puzzles that you need to solve over the course of the game, and our Marvel’s SpiderMan PS4 Puzzles Solutions Guide will ensure that you are able to get past all of them in case you find yourself stuck and are not able to figure out what to do.

Our Marvel’s SpiderMan PS4 Puzzles Solutions Guide will give you the solutions for all of the puzzles that are a part of the new SpiderMan game.

Marvel’s SpiderMan PS4 Puzzles

Remember that we are still in the process of adding new puzzles as we solve them ourselves, so it will take us a little bit of time to get everything on here. Check back at regular intervals to stay up to date with all of the puzzles in the game.

Statue Puzzle

In order to solve the statue puzzle, you need to move some parts on it. Move the left forearm first, and then move the left hand. After you have done that, close the mouth of the statue and then move the entire head once.

Once you have done this, you need to find an item that can be found to the right of the statue. Look at the display case and select the item on the very right. Pick up this item and put it in the right hand of the statue in order to solve this puzzle.

Martin Li’s Office Puzzle

This one is actually not that difficult either. Look out of the office while standing behind his desk. Check the draw on the right side of the drawer to find a key inside the book.

Take the key and hold onto it. Then, look at the picture on the desk and take note of the shrine behind it. Go to the picture on the wall, and interact with it to put your key in there. Now, rotate the black and white dials to make sure that the circles line up.

Move the black dial first to make the gold line vertical and then move the white dial prior to using the small dial underneath the bigger one to ensure that the circle has been completed.

Once this is done, you will be able to unlock this door and move out.

Spectograph Puzzles

Circuit Project Puzzles

To solve Circuit Project Puzzles, you can refer to this handy video guide by Playstation Universe:

Our Marvel’s SpiderMan PS4 Puzzles Solutions Guide is currently a work-in-progress. Make sure to check back in order to get to know all of the other puzzles that will be added to this guide in the near future.

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