Marvel’s Daredevil Becomes The Second Most Pirated Show

As Matt Murdock is busy protecting Hell’s Kitchen, it looks like his enemies have found a new way to attack, even without entering his territory. Marvel’s Daredevil becomes the second most pirated TV show globally.

Netflix Original series was available in all countries that support Netflix for live streaming on April 10 and that wasn’t even the best part. The best thing about the series was that all 13 episodes were uploaded on the same day with fraction of minutes.

Variety reports that Excipio, piracy tracking firm reveals that within a week of its premiere it crossed the piracy list and made it to the second spot, right after Game of Thrones.

Not to mention that Daredevil only has one season whereas Game of Thrones has four previous seasons along with the four recently leaked episodes from season 5.

Brazil was the first country with maximum illegal downloads through 190,274 torrents. The United States becomes the third piracy led downloading country followed by UK, France and Australia. India takes the second place; apparently it is the only country out of these six that does not offer streaming.

Let’s look at it this way; Daredevil within a week accumulated almost a third of Game of Thrones downloads with just one season. Imagine the numbers when more seasons will come out. We just hope that this does not affect the performance of the show.

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