Marvel’s Avengers To Find Olympia Walkthrough

In this guide for Marvel’s Avengers To Find Olympia quest, we’ll be showing you how you can get Jarvis back step-by-step.

After all activities of the Avengers were declared illegal, Kamala and Bruce have come to the Olympia Archive to find Jarvis.

Marvel’s Avengers To Find Olympia

The search for Jarvis has brought the strongest Avengers, Bruce Banner and Kamala Khan, an inhuman to doors of the Olympia Archive.

Their expedition is soon found out by a bunch of Synthoids, as they’re ambushed. Bruce now has to go to the extreme and initiate Code Green.

Defeat the Synthoids

You can consider the start of this mission as a tutorial for playing as the Hulk. Make sure to utilize Hulk’s abilities as much as possible, especially his Rage.

Activate his Rage using R2/RT to further increase the damage of your base attacks.


You’ll often find yourself outmatched if you underutilize any of the Hulk’s abilities or anyone’s abilities for that matter.

The shielded enemies won’t go down the normal way, and if you keep attempting to hit them using basic attacks, you’ll find yourself tired out and low on health very quickly.

Use a charged heavy attack to knock them off balance, and continue to take them out.

A good alternative would be to simply pick some debris up and toss them at your shielded foe.

At the end of the battle, you’ll see a bunch of Synthoids attempting to take you down from the top of the waterfall.

Pick something up, and throw it right at ‘em to end this sequence of the mission.

Get to the Olympia Archive

Make your way to the next location by navigating through the terrain using Hulk’s jump abilities.

Along the way, you’ll find several chests, pick them up and equip everything you find because you’re going to need it in your next battle.

Hulk will soon jump into action as he tries to take out all the AIM guards.

Distract everyone so Kamala can sneak in. Your primary focus during this fight should be the Peacekeepers.

There will be roughly 4 that will spawn around the area. Upon receiving enough damage, the Peacekeepers will teleport.

Follow them around and make sure to prioritize them. Once they’re all dealt with, start focusing on the Synthoids.

After taking care of all the enemies, the bunker’s door will open up.

Break through the door and start bashing your way through and through the facility.

Take care of all the Gamma extraction devices on your way to the top. Just like Captain Rogers once said, smash.

Take out the Monotronic Exo Unit

Your very first Monotronic Exo Unit fight.

However, if you’re under the impression that this is the only Exo unit that appears in the fight, you’re wrong.

The initial part of the fight only has you pitted against one Exo unit with no adds.

Try NOT to use any of your abilities beforehand, and take out the boss ASAP using normal attacks boosted by Rage, it should be easy since it lacks backup.

As soon as you take out the Exo Unit, additional mobs are going to spawn in.

Start taking them out, and eventually another Exo unit is going to pop out from around the corner.

This is the time to let all of your stored-up Rage OUT. Use every single one of Hulk’s ability to deal with the mobs and the Exo Unit with relative ease.

Time to Run!
Follow the game’s path to escape from the exploding facility. This section is pretty linear.

Find the Power for the Locked Doors (Playing as Kamala)
You should be able to find a number of chests in this zone. Pick all the loot up before you start fighting off waves.

Activate the terminals, which will lead to several Synthoids showing up for an ambush.

Compared to the Hulk, it turned out to be much easier dealing with the Synthoids as Kamala.

Not to mention the fact that the movement was much more fun. Don’t forget to use her Embiggen ultimate when things get too tough!

Search for JARVIS

I took my time playing through this section of the Marvel’s Avengers To Find Olympia quest. You can find some comic-book and MCU references here.

There’s even Captain America’s first shield here! There’s also a hidden chest behind a shelf to the right; move it to the side to gain access.

The place still has a lot of the Avengers’ history preserved, memories from a world that no longer exists.

You’ll find Jarvis at the end of the route, and as you prepare to exit, a new challenger will approach!

Hulk vs the Abomination

Seeing the Abomination in the game was a treat. Hulk saves Kamala from the Abomination as he charges through the wall and dives down along with him.

Watch out for red indicators, and dodge whenever you see them. The key is to dodge whenever he’s about to land a hit and land a few attacks.

Repeat this and you should be pretty much untouchable. Mistiming any of the attacks however will allow the Abomination to get a few punches in.

Watch out for the electrical surges as they deal AoE damage. Jump away whenever one of them is triggered.

After bringing Abomination’s health down by 50%, he’ll enter into rage mode. However, he’s not really any harder than his previous phase.

Continue to follow the same strategy and you should be able to deal with him pretty easily as well.

Once you’ve defeated the Abomination, you’ll learn of experimentation to remove the powers from Inhumans.

Return to the base and power Jarvis up to continue finding more allies.

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