Marvel’s Avengers To Finally Receive Spider-Man A Year Later

Marvel’s Avengers will finally receive Spider-Man in the coming months as a post-release exclusive character for PlayStation consoles.

In a new community update (via VGC) from earlier today, developer Crystal Dynamics confirmed that Spider-Man will soon be swinging his way on to PlayStation consoles, and to expect “more information…closer to launch.”

Marvel’s Avengers was originally supposed to receive Spider-Man somewhere in early 2021. The post-release character was however delayed due to a troubled launch which marred the game on numerous fronts.

Crystal Dynamics needed additional time to address all concerns. The developer hence pushed its lineup of new characters ahead, which pushed Spider-Man ahead as well. That and the next-generation versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (and Series S) were also delayed.

Last month, associate art director Jeff Adams teased that Spider-Man will make his way into Marvel’s Avengers through a special in-game event. There will be a series of unique challenges for the web-slinger but which will help players test out his abilities and unlock multiple outfits in the process.

Note that the Spider-Man of Marvel’s Avengers and the one of the titular PlayStation 4 game exist in their own realities. Both narratives take place in the Marvel Universe but in different realities, in clear contrast with the singular reality of Marvel Cinematic Universe. There will be no crossover of sorts.

Marvel’s Avengers recently received its War for Wakanda expansion pack and fair to say, players have been enjoying the new content. It will only get better from here one since in addition to Spider-Man, Crystal Dynamics will also be pushing a brand new raid where players will be pitted against Klaw from War for Wakanda as well as new enemies.

Crystal Dynamics has not confirmed a release date for Spider-Man but based on a given content roadmap, the character will be arriving right before the new raid goes live.

Crystal Dynamics will also be sharing its content plans for 2022 around the coming holiday season. The developer has already assured that players can expect a lot more content coming their way in Marvel’s Avengers.

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