Marvel’s Avengers PS5 Port Blows Away PS4 Versions

Digital Foundry has already given us a good indicator of what we’ll be seen when the Marvel’s Avengers PS5 port comes out later this year. In an exhaustive nearly half-hour long video, the YouTube channel went over both the Quality and Performance modes of the game and how they’ve been improved.

Marvel’s Avengers was ported over to the Playstation 5 by a porting house called Nixxes, who going by the video have done great work. There’s a lot of different changes to the game’s Playstation 5 port that do wonders for its already impressive visuals, ranging from big, noticeable changes to more minor ones.

For instance, the game has gained a great deal of detail and various issues with texturing that had been part of the original version of the game have been corrected to make them look a great deal better. Water has also been improved, actually gaining rises, dips, and lighting effects rather than being a flat plane. Load times have also been drastically reduced.

The Marvel’s Avengers PS5 port is also much better when dealing with textures in high resolution, ranging from things as minor as a shirt pattern to the particle effects used in an explosion. That doesn’t even get into a new part of the game’s graphics, Enhanced Destruction.

Enhanced Destruction does exactly what it says it does, enhancing the destruction that you’ll be wreaking during gameplay. This can include things like robots slowly chipping apart as they take damage, to various chips of stone broken up by a Hulk smash. Whereas in the normal game the latter would just have the fragments disappear, Enhanced Destruction has them stay and react to future slams.

You can see all of the rest of the things that the Marvel’s Avengers PS5 port does with the game’s graphics by watching Digital Foundry’s video for yourself with this link. However, the video only covers the game’s single-player mode, not delving into the game’s multiplayer component.