Marvel’s Avengers Gets Pay-To-Win Consumables

Remember when developer Crystal Dynamics repeatedly promised that Marvel’s Avengers would not receive any pay-to-win items post-release?

Following an update earlier today, players can now purchase consumables with real-world currency (via VGC) from the in-game marketplace. The consumables in question help boost the pace of progression by increasing the amount of experience points earned through gameplay. Hence, allowing players to level up their heroes faster in Marvel’s Avengers through their wallets.

The purchasable consumables are being tagged as pay-to-win mechanics by disappointed players. The disappointed stems from the fact that Crystal Dynamics, as well as publisher Square Enix, had often taken a stance against any such microtransactions.

Marvel’s Avengers does allow players to spend real-world currency but only on cosmetics. The addition of pay-to-win boosters essentially means that both the developer and publisher have backed off on their earlier made promises.

It should also be noted that Crystal Dynamics reduced the rate of experience earned earlier in the year. That update as well as the one from earlier today now see players musing over whether adding purchasable consumables was always the plan since by slowing down progression, Crystal Dynamics has practically trapped players into spending real-world currency.

The timing could not be any worse for another reason. Marvel’s Avengers became free for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers last week and which has helped draw in hordes of new players. The game quickly became one of the most popular games on Xbox Game Pass right after its induction into the subscription-based platform, and has cemented itself in the top 15 most-played games list on Xbox (all consoles and services included) in the United States right now.

Crystal Dynamics will be sharing its content plans for 2022 around the coming holiday season. The developer has already assured that players can expect a lot more content coming their way in Marvel’s Avengers.

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