Marvel’s Avengers Will Be Selling MCU Outfits For Real Money

Marvel’s Avengers was originally supposed to offer a new series of free in-game rewards that are inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Those anticipated in-game rewards have now transitioned into a premium offering.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, publisher Square Enix clarified that the new MCU-inspired outfits, animated nameplates, and such will no longer be available as free in-game rewards during the Red Room Takeover event.

The new MCU cosmetics will instead be sold through the in-game marketplace for credits (real money) which spells microtransactions in entirety.

The sudden change of heart has not helped in catering the already dwindling active player-base. Marvel’s Avengers was averaging around 500 concurrent players on Steam before the arrival of Hawkeye. The situation has improved since then with less than a thousand average concurrent players in the last month but still far too low to reason a triple-a offering which stems from the highly lucrative Avengers franchise and which cost around $170 million to develop.

Elsewhere, Marvel’s Avengers will be receiving a native release on PlayStation 5 later in the year which promises both quality and performance modes to take full advantage of the new console hardware. Compared to the original PlayStation 4 version, the game will be featuring a lot more details and improvements with higher resolution textures and various other enhancements.

Marvel’s Avengers is now available across all supported platforms with a promise of an impressive content roadmap to follow. While developer Crystal Dynamics will continue to provide development support, it has apparently also started working on a new triple-a project as revealed through recent job listings. The only thing known for the time being is that multiplayer will be a large focus.

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