Leaked Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay Shows Thor at Work With Mjölnir

The first footage of Marvel’s Avengers gameplay shown during San Diego Comic-Con (SSDC) yesterday has leaked online.

Unfortunately, the footage of Marvel’s Avengers gameplay is about 40 seconds only but it does show us Thor (God of Thunder) in action with his mighty Mjölnir hammer.

In the video below, Thor can be heard saying “You are not worthy!” before he charges to take down a couple of armed guards using light and heavy attacks with Mjölnir. If you ask me, Thor’s actions seem very similar to God of War 2018, especially when he launches enemies in the air.

The Norse God can be also seen hovering towards enemies to take down several guards with his blue hammer. All of this action takes place in a closed area surrounded by wrecked vehicles.

The reaction towards Marvel’s Avengers leaked gameplay is mostly positive for now. Players are finally happy to see what Thor will be able to do in the game.

In addition to this, the animations shown during the gameplay are very satisfying and Thor’s combo animations appear to be fluid. However, one thing to take out of the footage is that the enemies do nothing to fight Thor back.

Interested folks can check out the leaked Marvel’s Avengers gameplay footage below.

That’s pretty much all that we could extract from the video. The Youtuber was not able to capture the entire footage of Marvel’s Avengers gameplay because he was told to stop by the team at the event.

To know more about Thor, we will have to wait until next month. Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics announced during Comic Con 2019 that the extended gameplay of Marvel’s Avengers game will be released to the public in August.

Apart from Thor, the updated face of Black Widow has also surfaced online. As we reported earlier today, the new updated face of Black Widow is quite different from the previous version of her that was shown during E3 2019. Given that the game is still in development, more changes are expected to be made to the different character models in the game.

We have also got our first look at some of the unlockable costumes for Hulk in the upcoming game.

In short, things are looking better than ever before for the upcoming game. This is good news considering the fact that it was criticized a lot following its reveal at E3 2019. It’s apparent that Square Enix is working hard to meet the expectations of Marvel and Avengers fans. With that said, we can expect to know more Marvel’s Avengers characters and gameplay in the coming months.

Marvel’s Avengers is scheduled to release on May 15, 2020, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC. It’s also possible that the game will also release on next-generation consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.

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