Marvel’s Avengers Enter: The Avengers Chest Locations

Enter: The Avengers, is one of the main missions in Marvel’s Avengers and it is part of the reassemble campaign, this guide includes the locations of all the chests in the mission, which includes that collectibles, comics, gear, and artifacts.

Marvel’s Avengers Enter: The Avengers Chest Locations

The guide includes two sections. In the first section, you will be collecting chests from an open world scenario. In the second section, you will have to collect chests from inside a building.

Chest 1

When you’re going to be tasked to locate the AIM site in the mission, right in front of the ASH Hotel Manhattan, where you’ll see a floating yellow platform. There will be a treasure chest on the raised platform that’s part of the building to its right.

Chest 2

Then go towards the ASH Hotel and you will see the second treasure chest right outside the hotel’s entrance.

Chest 3

Afterwards, head right from the hotel and follow the road until you see the bridge. Towards the left side of the bridge, you will find the third chest on the platform above the post.

Chest 4

Head straight to the end of the road, you will have to go out of bounds here. Open the chest and you will be returned back to the bounds.

Chest 5

Now fly towards the next platform where there’s a big building with a big yellow hexagon logo.

Fly straight and there will be a path leading towards the basement of the building. On this path, you will see an AIM truck with a chest on it.

Chest 6

Now head straight and turn right. You will see another extended platform of the building over an entrance here. The last pillar towards your left will have a chest next to it.

Chest 7

Follow the road until it turns right. Right on the next path that leads towards the basement of the building, there will be another truck with a chest on it.

Gear 1

Go straight and head right where you will see the main entrance. There will be an elite team here.

On the ground, there will be a Cryotonic Exo. Defeat the enemy unit and you will gain the Nimble Spark Plating gear as a drop out.

Chest 8

Now head towards the AIM site. Open the door which as the marker and you will see the eighth chest here.

Chest 9

Get out and fly towards the Karaoke building. Here, you can see a bus-stop across the road from the Karaoke building. You will see a chest here.

Chest 10

Go right and turn left after the second building then JARVIS will tell you that there is a chest with gear closeby.

You will see the chest on the first raised platform on the right after you turn back from the yellow wall.

Chest 11

Open the next chest marked on the map nearby. This will be behind another door that you will have to get past.

Chest 12

Come out of the building and go right then head straight through the alley and turn right on the next block and you will see a chest towards your right.

Chest 13

Follow this road and you will find a chest placed on the raised platform of a building located after 4 buildings.

Gear 2

If you’re looking towards the last chest, head towards the road behind you. Go straight and take the first left to see the chest on the terrace of a building. This chest will have the Reflexive Spark Plating gear.

Chest 14

Head down on the ground to find this chest.

Chest 15

Go out on the main road and move left. You will see a building’s entrance that say’s Praberi and Head straight from here. On your way, you will find a chest on the second raised platform of the building.

Chest 16

Now head rightwards towards the tall AIM building then move past the AIM site and you will get to an alley.

Once there, look around to find a chest next to the trash bin.

Gear 3

Go back towards the AIM site where there will be a Dreadbot. Destroy it to get the Mighty Quake Reactor gear.

Chest 17

Go into the AIM building and you will see a chest towards the left.

Chest 18

Now head to the upper floor and towards the access terminal to get the door to open. After that, Head straight and you will see a chest on the end of this path.

Chest 19

Now go back and head straight. You will have to activate the yellow switches by standing on them. There will be four of these.

Once you’re done, a door will open. Head through it to find another chest. This will have the Black ISO-8 gear.

Chest 20

After you’ve completed the elevator level, you will have to rescue the resistance team by defeating the enemies.

After that, continue on the path towards the ground floor and interact with the monitor at the end of it.

Move out and head to the LOT 2208. After reaching here, go straight. Eventually, you will reach LOT 2108. Breaking into the glass here and you will see the final chest.

That should be all the chests in the mission ” Enter: The Avengers” for Marvel’s Avengers.

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