Influencers Think Avengers Game Is Bad and Uninspired

When Square Enix announced the Avengers game, Marvel fans all across the world got excited. Square Enix also showed off a short Avengers gameplay trailer at E3 2019 along with a gameplay demo behind closed doors. But according to YouTuber Luke Stephens, the Marvel’s Avengers gameplay demo did not look good and the game doesn’t appear to be ready yet which may cause a delay.

Square Enix’s Avengers video game showcase at E3 2019 saw with mixed reviews. Some found the gameplay and teased narrative exciting, others criticized it for its weird, wonky character designs.

YouTuber Luke Stephens, who attended E3 2019, got to see the Avengers gameplay demo and what he reports is very concerning. In his video, Stephens calls the Avengers gameplay demo “disconcerting of all of [the games at E3 2019].” The Avengers section of his video starts around 10 minutes in and is definitely worth the watch.

According to Stephens, the Avengers game is full of glitches, it is extremely unpolished, and this might lead to Square Enix delaying the release date at some point.

He talks about how secret Marvel and Square Enix were about the demo screening. He reports that they strictly banned all cameras and phones from the area. It is very ironic because the Avengers gameplay demo leaked online nonetheless.

[…] Once I saw the demo, it became very clear why they did this. The game does not, in my opinion, look anywhere near ready for launch, even a year out. The demo was basically a collection of each of the major heroes going through [the levels], showing off their combat abilities and how they each fight differently. And the way that they had the level designed was such that it was a tiny little arena that you would fight in. For instance, Hulk or Captain America or Iron Man or whoever. And then after that, the characters would just immediately shift and you play as a new one without really any justification narratively or in terms of how they structured it.

Stephens is talking about the developers’ choice to make the game levels into small linear sections instead of an open world or a sandbox.

You just switched characters basically and then you go to another smaller or roughly the same sized battle arena. you take out four or five guys, then you might run along a path.

Avengers gameplay demo moved from area to area. It felt uninspired, boring, and unpolished. Square Enix’s decision to show the game in this state makes no sense.

And then there was another small battle arena, then there were a few QuickTime events, and then you go and you swap to Thor. Then he goes and does his thing. It was very very linear. It was strictly on rails all the way through and there wasn’t really any player urgency.

Stephens also reports that the gameplay didn’t look very presentable. He says this could be a big reason why Square Enix and Marvel showed off the Avengers gameplay strictly behind closed doors at E3 2019 and not during the press conference.

What bothers me is that the game was not really polished at all, especially in the sequences that weren’t shown in the trailer. There was a lot of polish issues. we had pop-ins, we had clipping, textures that were artifacting.

The behind closed doors experience was “very very jarring.” In its current state, Marvel’s Avengers video game feels like something out of 2010. Even its high-budget, star cast for voice action and mo-cap couldn’t help its outdated feel. Such issues mixed with the fact that Square Enix is trying to make a live-service Avengers game isn’t going to sit well with the audience once public demos arrive.

The Avengers E3 2019 gameplay demo that leaked online was poorly shot and had such a low quality that we couldn’t see any of these bad aspects. But it doesn’t sound like better quality trailers would help matters.

Avengers is being developed across different studios including Eidos Montreal, Crystal Dynamics, Crystal Northwest Studio, Nixxes Software, Marvel Games, and Square Enix. Marvel’s Avengers video game has a March 15th, 2020 release date for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-orders for the game are open on Square Enix’s website.