Marvel’s Avengers DLC Characters Will Have Unique Gameplay And Their Own Stories

Marvel’s Avengers will hit stores next year May 2020 with a total of five selectable characters. This is an amount that will be extended over time with DLC characters, as well as that of enemies, with the intention that they feel completely new, not mere reskins.

All the DLC characters will have their own abilities and unique aspects of the gameplay.

This has been made known by Scot Amos, leader of Crystal Dynamics, in an interview with IGN, where he has repeated the fact that these new fighters will not only be changed based on their aesthetics. They will have their own missions to deepen their individual history.

We want to make sure it feels like, ‘Wow this is who this character should play like.’ So it’s not like, ‘Oh this is just a reskinned version of X, Y, Z.’ That wouldn’t be fun for us. There are so many unique purposes for each different Avenger, we don’t think about them as class and style. We say, ‘What’s great about this hero, what’s great about this character?

We want it to feel like, I won’t mention a name, but this hero feels like…’Ah that’s the dream that I want for that character.’ Because if it starts feeling like reskins, that’s no fun. But the idea of having tons of skills and their own unique heroics and their own storylines. because remember [new heroes] come with storylines for what they’re doing in this world. So we need to make sure each hero feels unique as each hero, even the ones that add on past launch.

According to the Gamescom 2019 gameplay, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor and Hulk felt very different from each other which was a good thing in my opinion, because everyone is unique. In fact, one of the representatives said that the next enemies will be taken from the comic as well as completely new characters.

They gave no names regarding future heroes, however. Those new additions will arrive for free. Phew!

This week it has also been announced that Marvel’s Avengers will have its own adaptation to the comic universe with different comics as a prequel. The first will star Iron Man. Marvel’s Avengers: Iron Man #1, the first issue of this indefinite series of chapters, will be written by Jim Zub (Uncanny Avengers and Avengers: No Surrender) accompanied by the Spanish Paco Díaz (Deadpool Vol. 3, Dark Wolverine, New Exiles).

The game campaign which can only be played alone, will also have a multiplayer mode full of cooperative looting missions, raids and skill trees. The game takes elements of other great multiplayer successes such as Destiny.

In an interview with the director of the game, Shadow Escayg, it has been confirmed that the game will feature microtransactions, but only aesthetics. In this way, all the microtransactions of the title will only affect the cosmetics of the characters and, in no case, will it become a pay to win.

Marvel’s Avengers will launch worldwide on May 15, 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC.

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