Marvel’s Avengers Combat System Is Character Centric, Gameplay Designer

Shaun Escayg is the creative director who has taken a point in developing Marvel’s Avengers at Crystal Dynamics. Marvel’s Avengers has been much anticipated, especially after the masterpiece that was last year’s Spiderman. However, the Avengers gameplay demo caught much flak because it seemed unpolished. Shaun says that the gameplay on release will be fluid and it will also be influenced by the relationships between the Avengers.

One of the most played upon plot points in the Marvel universe is the relationships between the characters. Indeed, most comics are less focused on action than the dynamic between different character. The popular “Civil War” storyline, which was adapted into an MCU movie as well, was almost entirely based on different characters and their ideological and personal differences.

Thus the “dysfunctional family” vibe as Shawn puts it, will be an interesting factor if properly applied. It can mean that instead of it all being one calculated fight, random factors like, i.e., the relationship between Captain America and Ironman might result in defeat. This does not mean that it will be applied exactly as this and we haven’t been given details.

The article did tell us about how gameplay has been made so that messing up will not result in a disjointed scene. Instead, the motions that will follow, will reflect what the characters would otherwise do in movies and comics. There are parts of the game where things are scripted to an extent with quick-time events and such. Gameplay designer Vince Napoli says that the team is aiming to make sure that even when things aren’t going right, it looks like the heroes are giving their all.

“Even missing jumps, it needs to look like they gave it their all,”
“So, we go through and do a pass, and say, ‘Captain America is going to use his shield to grind on the ground to recover because that’s what he would do. He’s going to make use of his environment. He’s going to keep looking forward because he has his eyes on the battlefield at all times.'”

Napoli says that this is because their combat system isn’t one where it was designed first and the characters were inserted later. Instead, their combat system is character centric, which means that the gameplay was designed with the characters in mind.

Marvel’s Avengers will come to the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia on May 15, 2020.

Source: Edge Magazine