Marvel’s Avengers Can Include Any Marvel Character In The Future

Marvel’s avengers release next March with a big cast of characters both old and new to the Marvel universe. After the introduction of Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel, the creator directive for the upcoming title hints that more could be coming. Maybe some that haven’t been in movies or games before?

While talking to LAD Bible, Creative Director, Shaun Escayg talked about the possibility of more superheroes coming as characters to Marvel’s Avengers after its release. He claims that there is potential for many more characters to “enter this world”. As a result, we are looking at a far more ambitious project than a one-time release. The studio already intends to add new characters, new co-op missions, and cosmetics after its launch. How far can it go through?

According to Escayg, the development team included all the Avengers that fit the main story. They didn’t want to stray far from the original Avengers arc, meaning that we won’t see crazy cross overs on that front.

However, when it comes to new entries like Ms. Marvel, we can never know what the company will come up with in the future. Maybe Spider-Man or Black Panther?

Crystal Dynamics is working closely with Marvel to develop Marvel’s Avengers so if any new characters are to join the game, it will be in the best interest of the saga and always with respect to the comic universe.

In related Marvel’s Avengers news, studio head Scot Amos confirmed a previous speculation that Marvel’s Avengers will indeed have alternative endings. During the campaign, players will reach certain junctions where the decisions they make will greatly impact the overall storyline. Scot didn’t go into details on that end. However, he did mention that the results of some actions will be seen almost immediately while others will mature over the course of progression.

Marvel’s Avengers releases on May 15th, 2020. The game will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.

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