Marvel Senior Director Profile Has Multiple Unannounced Games Listed

Amid Iron Man and Black Panther games rumors, Marvel Entertainment Director LinkedIn Profile also mention multiple unannounced games from Marvel.

Apart from already announced games, Marvel Entertainment’s Senior Director of Product Development has “Multiple Unannounced Games” listed on his LinkedIn profile page. This hint supports the rumors we have heard about a new Black Panther game and an Iron Man game.

Last week, Jeff Grubb revealed that EA is working on a single-player Black Panther game. Now recently, he revealed that apart from the Black Panther game, EA is also working on another Marvel game apart from Black Panther.

Another famous insider, Tom Henderson quoted that Jeff Grubb tweet and shared that he has heard that it’s an Iron Man game. However, he isn’t quite sure about it so take the Iron Man information with a massive grain of salt.

Now, we have another hint indicating that Marvel Entertainment indeed have multiple unannounced projects in the works. Granted that some of those projects could also be for mobile devices, but chances are there for these unannounced projects to be Black Panther and Iron Man.

Marvel Games already have multiple announced projects in the pipeline including Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Wolverine and Spider-Man 2. So if you are a Marvel fan, a lot of Marvel AAA games are headed your way so get ready for that.

As for EA, they are trying hard to assure fans that Single-player games are still important for them despite the recent, bizarre twitter joke. CEO Andrew Wilson, in a recent earnings call told investors that Single-player games are an important part of EA’s portfolio emphasizing that we can expect more single-player games from EA and new Black Panther and Iron Man games could be among them.

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