Marvel Ultimate Alliance Might Become Unavailable Soon According To Rumor

For the second time this year, we get hold of a rumor indicating that a Marvel title is being pulled out of digital stores. Marvel Ultimate Alliance titles are currently on sale on Steam, leading players to believe that it might be happening before Activision’s license with the franchise ends and the games get discontinued.

Both Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 are currently discounted by 75% on Steam, available for only 9,99EUR each. While this isn’t much to reveal a possibly pull from digital stores, this happened with past Activision titles as well, Deadpool and Transformers Devastation.

Others believe that this is purely a marketing move, discounting Marvel games after SDCC. This could be the case as well, however, if you were thinking of grabbing either Marvel Ultimate Alliance or its sequel, do it now while the offer is still available.

Undeniably, Marvel Ultimate Alliance looks a lot both in art style and mechanics and gameplay core with the game’s Marvel has released on mobile devices. While their mobile games have millions of players, Marvel Ultimate Alliance has 16.2 average Steam players on Steam last month, while its sequel had only 11.

Back in February, rumors about a Marvel games being pulled out of digital stores were raging as well, this time for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. The game is still available on Steam even to this day though, meaning that not all rumors have a solid base behind them.

However, Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite support has been ceased due to its poor performance and sales. This one comes from a credible source too, since the same guy revealed information about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and at E3 and characters coming to Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite.

In Marvel related news, the company has confirmed the upcoming Spiderman game for PS4 is a part of bigger and larger story and they are looking for ideas to progress that further with their own Marvel universe.

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