Nintendo Could Be Planning Marvel Ultimate Alliance 4: Rumor

A rumor has just come out from Xbox Era suggesting that we'll be getting a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 4 game, and it might be Switch-exclusive.

A new rumor has come out from the XboxEra YouTube channel, where the channel’s “Rumor Mill” segment has just brought up the possibility that a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 4 might be in the pipes, and might also be coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch. However, as it always is, nothing is official yet.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, the long-awaited next entry in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series, came out in 2019, also as a Nintendo Switch exclusive title. While the game was found to be fun by many and its story won praise, it also got some criticism for not improving much over the previous titles.

The game was a commercial success, selling over one million copies, so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if Nintendo wanted a hit like that again on the Switch and is still developing it exclusively, though this all depends on what Marvel wants. The previous two Ultimate Alliance games had both been multiplatform, after all.

While the series is popular, however, again, there’s no guarantee that a fourth game is in the works, or even that it will be exclusive to the Switch if it is. Like many rumors, this one is starting off of things like hearsay, and we’ll need actual official confirmation from Nintendo before we can really get excited.

Neither Marvel nor Nintendo has given any public indications that a new Ultimate Alliance game is in the works, but they might also just be saving it for some big gaming event, such as the closest upcoming one, the Game Awards (where many upcoming games get their reveals), or a future Nintendo Direct (if the game is, in fact, exclusive to the Switch).

If we actually do end up getting Marvel Ultimate Alliance 4, however, hopefully we’ll learn of the game’s existence soon, and its release date soon after that. Until then, however, all we can do is watch and wait.


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