Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Info Blowout With New Screenshots

At the recent Video game awards of 2018, we saw the revival of a certain game series that lacked the third installment. And no, it’s not Half-Life 3. Probably never will be. It’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Which albeit being a decade late, has at least made it. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s release date remains unconfirmed, however, it is set for 2019.

Details on the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive surfaced more on the game’s official page at the Nintendo website. This included Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 screenshots. Let’s get those images off the checklist first:

As for the details which were shined briefly at us during the Game awards preview. The game brings back the classic feel of manually controlled isometric gameplay. Controlling a team of four random Marvel heroes. Same as Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2. One difference is that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 also brings into play, an over the shoulder camera dynamic.

This aiming to give players a closer look at the action. As well as personalize the feel of controlling their favorite hero. The abilities and combos draw homage to the original two games, as does the multiplayer.

Co-op in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is possible either through online play together. Or even connecting two JoyCons by splitting either into 4. 4 Player couch co-op being supported by the game. So the couch party co-op that Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 once brought us can be relived.

The story of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, as well as its characters, have drawn inspiration from their MCU iterations. Such as the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos and many more. The synopsis surrounds the Infinity Stones. Being a race to getting them before Thanos and the Black Order manage to do so. I mean there’s an entire movie on why you SHOULDN’T give Thanos the Infinity Stones, so yeah.

The game also plans to visit iconic locations like the Avengers tower. The X-Men mansion, Shield headquarters and multiple more. With arcs stretching out over each location based on their inhabitants. Such as a Sentinel arc surrounding the X-Men plot.

Hopefully, they take us to interesting places the way Ultimate Alliance 1 originally did. It was fun going from the Nordic realm of Asgard to the underwater realm of Atlantis. And then the damn killer circus.

The roster I hope has everyone from the previous games at least. Yes, there are obviously new additions like the Guardians to the mix. But I’d still really like to see the underrated oldies like Ghost Rider or Blade.

The only bit of controversy swirling around the topic, in my opinion, is the Nintendo Switch exclusivity. Since this is the third installment of a video game trilogy, near and dear to hearts everywhere. So after making these fans wait for this long, making the sequel a Switch exclusive might have been a kick in the nuts. Nothing more dangerous to tell a waiting person to wait again. The graphics are also a debated topic. Some welcoming the gimmick while others scorn it for looking like an Android game.

An old rumor was debunked though on the grounds of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 being unveiled while development on the Avengers game continues to undergo the procedure. Great timing to for Alliance showing up when it did. Perfectly complimented the trailer. Hopefully, the Marvel Ultimate Alliance release date isn’t far off.

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