Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has 49 DLC Character Slots, Datamining Reveals

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 launched today and people are loving it! Demonslayerx8, however, has been datamining. The Twitter user has found out that the Black Order has 49 DLC Character slots!

Demonslayerx8’s datamining has proved to be very fruitful. First of all, four significant playable characters who have not been revealed yet were named. These characters are not part of the upcoming DLCs, as the Season pass details for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 have been disclosed. This means that they will probably be a part of an update.

The four characters are:

  • Black Bolt
  • Medusa
  • Valkyrie
  • Vision

Secondly, the dataminer found out about the 49 DLC character slots and said that each of them would have 6 “alts”.

Apart from that there are 40 playable characters, 15 NPC characters, 30 bosses, and 80 characters referred to as “background” characters. That is a considerable lineup, pulled from some of Marvel’s biggest titles. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is available on the Nintendo Switch right now.

The datamining twitter user has also extracted models for different characters:

Marvel’s foray into videogames seems to be picking up. The release of Spider-man on PlayStation 4 proved to be an enormous success. Recently, more details about Marvel’s Avengers game have been released by the publisher. So naturally, if you liked Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black order, you should also check out Marvel’s Avengers if you own multiple consoles that is. The Avengers game is looking great so far and Crystal Dynamics seems to have justice with the title.