Marvel Strike Force Leveling Guide – How To Level, All Unlocks

Our Marvel Strike Force Leveling Guide below will help you level up quick in Marvel Strike Force and therefore unlock a tonne of features in the game.

Marvel Strike Force Leveling

Leveling up in the game is essential since it unlocks PVP mode only after Level 30. Moreover, other features like Alliance Raids do not unlock before Level 25.

Therefore, to grab a piece of all that action, you need to find ways to quickly progress through the game. Thankfully, we have done just that to save you the trouble.

Completing missions in the Campaign Mode will grant you energy and XP along the way. Additionally, you will also receive loots often. It is advisable, though, to look for and complete those missions which award you the items your character needs.

You can carry this out conveniently, via the ‘Find’ icon on your Character Profile. Then choose a mission of your desire, and tap the ‘Auto Win’ icon to carry out the mission 3 times guaranteeing success with XP. Along the way, you get Energy Points too so you can continue to take part in these missions.

Keep repeating the procedure to level up in no time whatsoever. Soon, you will reach level 30 to unlock the full potential of the game. PVP mode is a whole lot of fun so you do not want to miss out on that. If you are looking for an alternative way, though, you can carry out the Daily Challenges as well.

They will not take much of your effort since they are very easy to carry out. On top of that, the reward is also decent enough to contribute much to your character level.

This is all we have in our Marvel Strike Force Leveling Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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