Marvel Strike Force Heroes Guide – How To Unlock Heroes

The Marvel Strike Force Heroes Guide below concerns characters/heroes in the game along with some tips to help you build up your roster to include many Marvel fan-favorites. Our Marvel Strike Force Heroes Guide details everything you need to know about unlocking different heroes, Blitz Missions, and more.

Marvel Strike Force Heroes

Each character in the game has their own set of skills and opportunities they bring into battle. Each can help you in different ways and this is especially prevalent in Blitz Mode and other events.

Moreover, it is just that you want more freedom to choose with a large cast of heroes. Either way, our Marvel Strike Force Guide below will help you unlock more of these characters so you can at the very least make your friends feel bad (unless they are also reading this guide).


Many tasks in the game will help you earn character shards. Completing the Campaign Missions will reward you with most of these shards. Make sure you do this often enough to obtain as many shards as possible.

In turn, you will be able to unlock a lot of characters early in the game. You can even replay the campaign missions the next day to get shards again. This works as a good farming method.

In addition, who does not like the powerful green monster? To get Hulk, focus on completing the achievements that you find on the menu. This will reward you with Hulk shards to unlock him. If you want to accelerate the process, use the orbs that you obtain in game. Moreover, note that these shards will help you upgrade the characters once you unlock them.

Blitz Missions and Events

If you are good enough, you can rank up high in these particular missions in the Blitz Mode. Although the max possible achievable rank is around 10 (it becomes harder above that), you will still be able to take a decent number of character shards home.

Alternatively, you can spend Blitz Credits to get the shards quicker. You are required to spend around 500 credits to purchase 5 Character Shards.

Events in the game occur occasionally. They will reward you with characters upon completion and shards so you can upgrade them. There is also very flexible when it comes to duration of completion of the set objective. Therefore, keep an eye out for these events that pop up on the main screen.


Orbs can be purchased via the premium currency in the game. Though you need to grind some, you will be able to afford a couple of orbs by the time you reach Level 20 in the game. There are categories of orbs you can choose to buy.

The premium orb guarantees 15 Character Shards while the special orb will guarantee shards for a certain hero that changes overtime. These special orbs are therefore limited deals that you can choose to take. The orbs are also purchasable if you complete enough daily challenges.


The two modes in the game, if you are well at them, can help you obtain heroes fast enough. The arena raids, as for now, are easier in difficulty and you can outperform others if you are dedicated enough to earn some characters.

For this purpose, build not just the strongest team but also one that is the strongest for you. Remember, you have to not only win but also win good to achieve the rewards.

This is all we have in our Marvel Strike Force Heroes Guide. If we are missing any other ways of earning characters, let us know in the comments below!

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