Marvel Strike Force Guide – Collecting Resources, How To Fight, Forming Team

Marvel Strike Force is finally out now, and we could not be more excited. Despite being a mobile game, there is a lot of depth and tons of things for you to attempt as you play through the game. However, you will need this Marvel Strike Force Guide if you want to succeed.

Our Marvel Strike Force Guide will give you numerous Tips and Tricks to help you on your way to being a master of the mechanics of the game. We will also tell you how you can quickly get a lot of resources for yourself and save valuable time trying to farm them.

Marvel Strike Force Guide

The best way to get resources in Marvel Strike Force is to keep on doing the Daily Missions. Their bonuses will be critical to your advancement through the early stages. You can level up quickly, learn to play the game, and get the resources at the same time.

Daily Missions will be equally important even when you progress through the game, as they will allow you to progress faster than you usually would and maximize your gains.

There are other challenges that will be open for you during the week. Try to complete them all as you can auto complete them if you have completed a challenge once. This will allow you to get resources for free.

Of course, if you want to fight the battles then you can do that as well. Completing these missions along with campaign and achievements will also allow you to get hero shards to unlock new heroes.


The first thing that you need to do before you learn to fight is to learn how to keep your characters at max strength. Make sure they are at the maximum level that they have all of the items required.

Filling up all of the item slots mean that they can be at a higher tier. They will also be able to do missions much more easily.

In order to get new equipment for your heroes, hit the ‘Find’ button and keep on doing the mission required for it until you get the piece. The missions will need to be repeated in order to get the equipment that you want.

How to Get a Good Team

Let us take a look at the section of this Marvel Strike Force Guide that explains how to assemble your team. Heroes are really important as they are the ones who will be executing your strategy.

It is best to go with the strongest heroes that you have but remember to have a tank and a healer in your team. This is because you need someone to soak up the damage and someone to protect your main damage dealers.

In case you keep on failing a certain fight, it is best to try out other characters as they have different skills which may work well against a particular enemy. Even weaker characters may have something to offer or they might counter the enemy in a certain way.

How to Fight

Before we end this Marvel Strike Force Guide, let us learn how to fight. You will be fighting most of the time in the game since that is the purpose of it in the first place. Getting 3 stars in the campaign battles is very important.

To do that, you need to be aware of your heroes and what skills they possess. Apart from this, you also need to know what your enemy is capable of. That can be done through the first few moves as you see how the enemy acts and reacts to you.

The best way to fight is to take out enemies one at a time. This way you will take less damage as the fight goes on and will have better chances of winning the battle. If the enemies stealth up, then try to attack the enemies beside them with the area of effect abilities to deal damage.

Try to separate enemies from one another and take out the one going solo rather than focusing on a particular group since you will be taking less damage this way.

That is all we have for our Marvel Strike Force Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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