Marvel Heroes Errors, Steam, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

If you love characters from Marvel, then there is a great possibility that you have your eyes on Gazillion Entertainment’s Marvel Heroes. And if you somehow didn’t know so far, it’s a free-to-play MMO RPG based on Marvel Superheroes.

The game just got released on PC, and since it’s an MMO, the title is subjected to suffer from what I call the launch syndrome. There can be some smaller issues (bugs/crashes/errors etc.) spoiling the fun for you but if these issues aren’t common, you will have to sort them out yourself.

In order to assist you, we have shortlisted the problems being reported by users and their possible fixes. So go on, and browse through the following troubleshooting guide to find the concerned fix.

#1 Marvel Heroes – Black Screen Fix
If you are using up-to-date drivers, there is a short workaround you can use to fix your problem:

  • First, you need to go into your steam folder steam>steamapps>common>marvel heroes>UnrealEngine3>MarvelGame>Config
  • There, search for the file Default Engine.
  • You can open up the config file using any text editor (like notepad).
  • Press ctrl+f and search for SystemSettings.
  • You will find a number there next to ResX and ResY.
  • You need to change X and Y with the values of your desktop resolution.

Save the changes and launch the game and this should resolve the issue for you.

#2 Marvel Heroes – Invalid Username/Password Error
Make sure that you have authenticated your account via email. If the error still persists, you should try logging in after some time. Still no luck? You should contact their support via official website.

#3 Marvel Heroes – Can’t Download the Game Via Steam
Well, if you can’t see the download button and only the “Play” button, there is no need to worry. First, restart Steam and then click the “Play” button and it should begin the download/install process.

#4 Marvel Heroes – File I/O Failure on file
The error can occur due to corrupt installation. I will recommend that you verify the integrity of your game files via Steam and if that doesn’t work, you should try a fresh install.

#5 Marvel Heroes – Game Crashes on Startup
If your game keeps on crashing on startup, try running it in the windowed mode. You can do that by adding “-windowed” in Properties > Launch options on Steam. If you are not using Steam, you can use “-window” to the shortcut icon of the game.

#6 Marvel Heroes – Bad Sound Bug
Sound going bad after sometime is a known bug and the developer is working on a fix so be patient till the next patch is rolled out. In the meanwhile, if you restart your client, the sound issue will go away for sometime.

#7 Marvel Heroes – “Play Game” Redirect Bug
On clicking “Play”, if you are being redirected to discussion forums, you should restart your Steam and the download will start normally.

#8 Marvel Heroes – Dual Video Cards (Laptops) Issue
If Marvel Heroes is automatically detecting your secondary low power GPU to start the game then as a temporary workaround, you should launch the game with the power outlet being plugged in. The problem is among the know issues so it might be fixed in the near future. You can also make use of this guide to choose the preferable GPU on your laptop to launch the game.

#9 Marvel Heroes – Mumble is an Incompatible tool
If your game is crashing or presenting any trouble and you are using Mumble (voice communication tool), you should disable it as it somehow clashes with the game’s application.

#10 Marvel Heroes – Out of Memory Issue (32-Bit OS)
If you are running a 32-Bit OS then you may get “Out of Memory” error/crash. It’s recommended that if you can, you should upgrade to 64-bit but if that’s not possible, here is an advanced guide to resolve the issue. Keep in mind that the tutorial is for advanced users and if you are confused about it, don’t try it till the developers try to sort this problem out at their end. It’s better to wait rather messing up the entire OS, right?

#11 Marvel Heroes – Failed to Reach Authentication Error
You can resolve this issue by the following method:

  • Click on the start menu in the bottom left hand of your screen.
  • Select Control panel then Internet options and lastly “advanced.”
  • Click on “Restore advanced settings”
  • Click on “reset” then “reset” again when the pop up opens.
  • Now, Under settings, Scroll down until you see the following terms.
  • “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation”
  • “Check for server certificate revocation”
  • “Check for signatures on downloaded programs”

If you come across any other issues, let us know by commenting below!

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