Mark of the Ninja to Hit XBLA This Summer

XBLA is getting a 2D stealth thriller ‘Mark of The Ninja’ this summer from Klei Entertainment, the developer behind Shank games. Details are scarce other than a sole web-page revealing a short-trailer that only pop-up if you make the right decisions leading to a perfect stealth kill.

From the shadow of a deep doorway, you hear footsteps echoing in the alley, pacing back and forth. Out here the city is asleep, and there are few noises to cover you. Your hiding place keeps you safe, but it also blocks your view. The target is out here somewhere, but he’s not alone

It’s the darkness that you will have to embrace either as a friend or a foe. This is the link where you can play old-school text teaser to watch the debut trailer. It’s classy!

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