Mark Darrah Is The Executive Producer Of Dragon Age 4 And Anthem

In case you were wondering if news about Dragon Age 4 is going to come our way, well, that’s not the day. However, Mark Darrah has confirmed once more that he’ll be the executive producer for both Dragon Age 4 and Anthem.

Darrah has created a long post series on Twitter where he went through his entire carrier at BioWare, explaining his role on every title he worked on up until now. By the end, he stated that the team working on Mass Effect: Andromeda has either been moved to DLC for the game, Anthem or onto Dragon Age 4. After that, he announced once more that he is indeed the executive producer for both Dragon Age 4 and Anthem.

The news doesn’t come as a surprise since Darrah has previously talked about Dragon Age 4 in the past and his part in it and it doesn’t come as a surprise since he was executive producer for all three previous Dragon Age titles. However, if both Dragon Age 4 and Anthem are under development right now, we should expect the first to be coming after the latter.

Since the writer Mike Laidlaw left the BioWare we all had the question of what direction Dragon Age 4 will now take. During GDC 2018  seemed to be worried that there is still a chance it might get left behind since the company is working on Anthem. As it seems though, this is not the case.

As for Anthem,  the game is due for release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in early 2019. Casey Hudson has stated that Bioware’s Anthem game will be unlike anything we’ve ever played before. Anthem is a means for redemption for BioWare since the poor performance of Mass Effect Andromeda and the lack of information for their biggest franchises have cost the company its credibility.

With such titles like Dragon Age 4 and Anthem coming our way through, it seems that BioWare is making a big comeback.

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