Mark Cerny Talks About the Least Anticipated PS4 Game of 2017

Mark Cerny is the heart and soul of PlayStation 4 but he is also the creator of a little game called Knack. It was received very well but that isn’t stopping him from working on a sequel. While speaking about the original game, Cerny mentioned that it is not easy to put everything into a launch game.

Knack has a niche fan following but they plan to expand with Knack 2. The second game will feature plenty of improvements such as more checkpoints. The original Knack had a lack of checkpoints which made it frustrating to start over at times.

Moreover, the co-op will see major improvements and support this time around in Knack. Cerny mentioned that co-op was an after through in the first game. However, that won’t be the case in this year.

We heard from a lot of people that they liked to play co-op, and that’s definitely what made it a good family game. We heard a lot of people say that they would play with siblings or friends, or parents would play it with their kids. For this game we built it as a co-op experience from the beginning. There’s no story explanation for the second Knack character on screen, we just made it so both characters are equally important but the second player can drop in and out. There’s not a moment in the new game where the second player isn’t involved.

Knack 2 will be showcased at E3 2017 but developers did release a few screenshots prior to the event. What improvements would you like to see in Knack 2? Take to the comments and let us know.

Source: Polygon

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