Mario Party 3DS Announced, Will Feature 81 New Mini-Games

A new Mario Party game is headed towards the 3DS, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced today during a Nintendo Direct Broadcast.

Mario Party is a series of multiplayer mini-games, where players move around on an interactive game board. According to Iwata, Mario Party for the 3DS has a “total of seven game boards, each with their own set of rules.”

Adding up all the games included with each board, Mario Party for the 3DS will feature 81 new mini-games. President Iwata also added that players shoudl expect “a lot more” from the upcoming 3DS title.

Information on the said games is unknown but some require players to draw, while others have them searching for collectibles in mazes. One of the game boards has been revealed to require players to collect boosts which they can use at indicated moments for a burst of speed in order catch up to other players.

Mario Party 3DS is expected to release this Winter.

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