Mario Maker 2 Upload Limit Is Being Increased, Another Increase Coming Soon

One of the few little niggling points that players didn’t like in Super Mario Maker 2 was that you could only upload a set number of courses before you were cut off. Now, however, Nintendo seems to be addressing these complaints, and has upped the Mario Maker 2 upload limit to 64 maps

Originally, players were only allowed to upload 32 different maps to the Super Mario Maker 2 service, likely to do something like cut down on server lag or reduce stress on the game’s servers in general. Today, though, Nintendo released an in-game notice.

The notice says that now the Mario Maker 2 upload limit has been raised to 64 maps, doubling what you could upload onto the game’s online component. And if that wasn’t good enough for you, Nintendo said in the same notice that they plan to raise the limit one more time.

While we don’t know exactly when that third raise will be, or how much it will go up by, it’s nice to know that Nintendo isn’t going to make us get rid of any courses in order to continue creating new ones for Mario Maker.

While the original Super Mario Maker also had an upload limit, the system then was drastically different. Originally, you could only upload ten levels. However, if your levels got enough stars from enough players, and thus showed that they were actually good, the number could be upped to 100.

When the original Mario Maker 2 upload limit of 32 levels was first announced it sparked a very lively debate across the internet, especially in comparison to the old system. However, Nintendo upping the limit so quickly (since Mario Maker 2 only came out a month ago) might indicate that the original limit was just to give them time to get more servers for the game.

If Nintendo continues this trend of doubling the available levels, we’ll likely be capping out at 120 this time around, and hopefully the vast majority of the levels that get uploaded end up being good. You can currently play Super Mario Maker 2 on the Nintendo Switch.