Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros and Luiginary Attacks Guide – How To Unlock

Dealing with enemies in Dream World or Real World puts players against a wide variety of enemies in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. These special attacks require the combination of both Mario and Luigi to execute an attack.

The timing and practicing these attacks is of significant importance while using these special attacks. In Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, special attacks are divided into two different categories:

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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Special Attacks

Bros. Attacks (Real World)

Bros. Attacks can be described as powerful attacks that Mario and Luigi can perform together.

In order to unlock these attacks, players will have to find ten attack pieces in the particular area. And like in the previous games, players are allowed to test these moves in the menu. Mario and Luigi have some exclusive attacks that only they can activate excluding Green/Red Shell which both of them can activate.

3D Red Shell
Cost: 4BP
Unlocked: Collect 10 Attack Pieces in Mushrise Park

Keep on pressing A and B alternatively as the Mario produces the shell to thrown it onto the targets on some large distances.

Bye Bye Cannon
Cost: 7BP
Unlocked: Collect 10 Attack Pieces in Wakeport

It is one of the most tricky attacks in the game and requires a lot of memory and practice. All you need to do is to memorize the sequence in which Mario and Luigi come out of the cannon. Just as they land on the enemy, hit A for Mario and B for Luigi. Doing it successfully will yield maximum damage.

Bomb Derby
Cost: 9BP
Unlocked: Collect 10 Attack Pieces in Driftwood Shore

Luigi tosses a bomb from a pile of bombs at his disposal and Mario hits them with his hammer. Thus, directing them towards enemies and doing a lot damage. This attack is pretty useful especially when dealing with large group of enemies. Also, note that you will need a lot of practice to master this attack.

Jet-Board Bash
Cost: 12BP
Unlocked: Collect 10 Attack Pieces in Somnom Woods

In this attack, Mario and Luigi ride on a Jet-Board which is just like a Skate Board. Keep on holding B to gather speed and when you reach near an enemy, hit A to drop an attack on the enemy with Mario’s hammer. This attack comes in very handy when dealing with individual enemies.

Zee Egg
Cost: 15BP
Unlocked: You can unlock this attack by rescuing all 52 Pi’illos

When executed, Mario throws the Zee Egg, allowing Zeekeeper to take Mario and Luigi high in the skies to prepare a Wakeorb which then falls onto the ground to do the maximum damage to your targets.

This attack requires a lot of focus and coordination between Mario and Luigi. So practice well before using it in battle.

Green Shell
Cost: 4BP
Unlocked: Given by Boss Brickle in Mushrise Park

This attack is similar to Mario’s Red Shell. The only difference is that it is initiated by Luigi.

Fire Flower
Cost: 6BP
Unlocked: Collect 10 Attack Pieces in Dozing Sands

This attack will allow you to throw fireballs towards your enemy targets. Press A and B alternatively to throw fireballs towards your targets. However, keep an eye out as the fireball grows in your hands as it can explode. Throw it with the right timing to do the maximum damage.

Drop Chopper
Cost: 8BP
Unlocked: Collect 10 Attack Pieces in Mount Pajamaja

This is a powerful airy attack and requires you to tilt your Nintendo 3DS to adjust your target. This attack not only does damage to your targeted enemy but also to other enemies wandering nearby.

Cost: 10BP
Unlocked: It is provided by Big Massif in Mount Pajamaja

Mario uses a Slingshot like device to throw Luigi at large distances. You will have to tilt your Nintendo 3DS in order to take aim at your targets. Hold B to charge Luigi into the Slingshot and then release it to throw him. It is a good idea to take aim as quickly as you could in order to do the maximum damage.

Star Rocket
Cost: 12BP
Unlocked: Collect 10 Attack Pieces in Neo Browser Castle

Riding the Star Rocket, tilt your Nintendo 3DS to collect stars in your way and when you reach your targeted enemies, press B to attack with Luigi followed by Mario attack by pressing A to do some extra damage.

Luiginary Attacks (Dream World)

Luiginary Attacks are unlocked in the similar fashion as the Real World attacks i.e. by collecting Attack Pieces in a particular area. It allows Mario to get the power from Luigi and his dream world Luiginoids and just like Bros.

These attacks also use BP so use them wisely.

Luiginary Ball
Cost: 6BP
Unlocked: Collect 10 Attack Pieces in Dreamy Mushrise Park

In this attack, Mario is on top of the a ball made by Luiginoids. All you need to do is tilt your Nintendo 3DS to gather more Luiginoids on your way forward and when you reach your specific target, press A to kick it in the desired direction to do the maximum damage.

Luiginary Stack
Cost: 10BP
Unlocked: Collect 10 Attack Pieces in Dreamy Dozing Sands

Just as the name suggests, in this attack, Mario is on top of a large stack made by Luiginoids. The basic thing to do while executing this attack is to balance the stack as more and more Luiginoids are added to it. Press circle pad to adjust the alignment and press A to do some extra damage with Mario when you reach your desired target.

Luiginary Hammer
Cost: 10BP
Unlocked: Collect 10 Attack Pieces in Dreamy Mount Pajamaja

Mario controls a large hammer made up of Luiginoids in this attack. It is quite difficult to balance the large hammer controlled by Mario. Use the circle pad to adjust the hammer and press B to add more Luiginoids to it. After the hammer is complete, take aim on the targeted enemies and press A to attack.

Luiginary Flame
Cost: 14BP
Unlocked: Collect 10 Attack Pieces in Dreamy Driftwood Shore

In this attack, press A and Mario will produce a fireball. The fireball will then move ahead by being bounced off by groups of Luiginoids. Each time the fireball comes in contact with the Luiginoids, press B to make it even larger.

Once the fireball reaches the desired target, press A to use your hammer to toss down the large flame onto the group of enemies.

Luiginary Wall
Cost: 14BP
Unlocked: Collect 10 Attack Pieces of Dreamy Wakeport

In this attack, Luiginoids form a large 3-sided box with Mario standing on the fourth end of the box with his hammer. The enemies are surrounded in this wall and Mario strikes the Luiginoids with its hammer, knocking down the enemies.

Keep on moving Mario to hit the Luiginoids from different angles so as to attack the enemies from various sides. This is pretty decent attack to fight off a large group of enemies.

Luiginary Typhoon
Cost: 16BP
Unlocked: Collect 10 Attack Pieces in Dreamy Somnom Woods

This attack begins as the Mario winds a rope by pressing B. The timing is very important while using this attack as it can throw Mario towards the enemies if done incorrectly.

Doing it successfully will assemble the Luiginoids into a large typhoon. Use your circle pad to control the typhoon and then take it to the group of enemies to take them and toss them far away.

Rapidly pressing B will do the maximum amount of damage.

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