Mario Kart 8 Shortcuts and Corner Cuts Locations Guide

Nintendo’s long awaited signature racer has returned with Mario Kart 8. Featuring a plethora of new tracks, vehicles, novel and revamped mechanics, Mario Kart 8 has successfully delivered what it promised: a fun racing game.

Being a racing game fanatic, I have come to realize that with every racing game comes a sense of speed, thrill, and doing everything in your power to bring your rivals down.

It does not matter which means one used to score victory because in the end, victory is all that matters!

When it comes to scoring the victory, well knowing your opponent and track can make a huge difference. Perfectly mastering every corner and knowing every shortcut draws you an inch closer to winning.

Shortcuts have always been an integral part of every arcade racing game out there and with Mario Kart 8, Nintendo has done the same.

Each racing track in the game has its very own offroad area. Precisely putting, every location (dirt, grass, or terrain) which is not a part of main racing track in Mario Kart 8 is dubbed as offroad.

These offroad areas on every track are a sure as shooting way to get ahead of the pack and even getting rid of various items’ effects. However, to make good use of these offroad shortcuts, you might require some items like Mushroom, Triple Mushroom, Gold Mushroom, or a Star.

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Mario Kart 8 Shortcuts and Corner Cuts Locations

GameXplain has compiled a nice little video on YouTube showcasing different offroad shortcuts and corner cuts on every racing track featured in Mario Kart 8.

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