Mario Kart 8 Mushroom Cup Guide – Track Tips, Shortcuts, Items and Antigravity

Mushroom Cup is comprised of four tracks, namely: Mario Kart Stadium, Water Park, Sweet Sweet Canyon, and Thwomp Ruins.

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Mario Kart 8 Mushroom Cup

In this guide, I’ll be detailing different shortcuts, corner-cuts, and locations of item boxes in each track. Still, if you found anything missing; make sure to let me know and I’ll add it in the guide!

Mario Kart Stadium
Just as the track begins, you’ll come across your first set of items on your right. You’ll be able to cut this turn using a Mushroom.

Keep on heading straight and you’ll find yourself in front of a three-tiered right turn with Boost Pads on the outer section. This section can also be cut using a Mushroom.

After entering the Antigravity Section, you’ll find second set of item boxes on the left side. You’ll find your third set of item boxes as soon as Antigravity Section ends. After landing on the ramp, you should opt for outskirts of the track to complete this track quickly.

Water Park
The first set of item boxes will be located in the midst of pillars inside the first building. After coming out of water, collide with submarines to get yourself a Spin Boost closely followed by second set of item boxes.

After the Antigravity Section ends, the left path can be cut using a Mushroom. The third and final set of item boxes will be located on the right. Grab it and race to the finish line.

Sweet Sweet Canyon
Your first set of item boxes will be located at first right just before the cave entrance. After coming out of cannon, you’ll find your second set of item boxes on the right side.

The junction at which the two separate paths (blue and pink) meet will have your second set of item boxes, just before the Antigravity Section ends. The track will now turn to the left side with a Piranha Plant waiting on the outer edge.

You’ll now come across a sharp left turn which can be avoided by using a Mushroom and boosting under the donut.

Thwomp Ruins
Your first set of item boxes will be straight ahead followed by a left turn. However, you can use a Mushroom to take a ramp on the left side of the item boxes. You’ll also come across a Pit inside the ruins which ends at the second set of item boxes.

In the next section, you’ll come across a Thwomp which can be avoided using Antigravity Pads, jumping inside water, or using the gliding ramp in the middle.

All of these paths will get you on the same path.

After the path converges, you’ll enter another Antigravity Section which will lead you to third set of item boxes followed by another Thwomp. After this section, the track will turn to left with a Pit. However, you’ll be able to jump on a narrow ramp followed by another cut on the left side.

After this, you’ll reach a Gliding Ramp closely followed by the finish line.

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