Mario Kart 8 Leaf Cup Guide – Track Tips, Shortcuts, Items and Antigravity

One of the four courses featuring retro-tracks in Mario Kart is dubbed as Leaf Cup which offers: DS Wario Stadium, GCN Sherbet Land, 3DS Music Park, and N64 Yoshi Valley.

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Mario Kart 8 Leaf Cup

In this guide, I’ll be describing location of each item box, Antigravity Section, shortcuts, and corner-cuts. I won’t be going into graphical improvements and will strictly be sticking to things mentioned above!

DS Wario Stadium
Follow the straight track and get the first set of item boxes. Keep on following the track and you’ll come across a series of Boost Pads on the dirt patch (you’ll be able to perform a trick on each of these Boost Pads).

At the very end of these Boost Pads, you’ll find second set of item boxes followed by another set of Boost Pads.

The path ahead will force you into an Antigravity Section where you’ll have to avoid being hit by fire bars. The Antigravity Section will end just as you’ll hit the land.

Go forward and third set of item boxes will be near another Boost Pad. The underwater section will have a few ramps and a Gliding Ramp which will lead you towards the finish line.

GCN Sherbet Land
You’ll get the first set of item boxes right before entering the ice rink, though I’d recommend falling into water on the right for a couple of Boost Pads and Antigravity Section and second set of item boxes.

After exiting the cave, take a couple of curvy turns and cut the corner near the snow bank using a Mushroom. The third set of item boxes can be found before entering the second ice rink.

In the second rink, you’ll come across a bunch of holes leading straight to the finish line. You’ll be able to use your Mushrooms to reach the area far quicker than taking the long turns.

3DS Music Park
Like with the other tracks, the first set of item boxes can be found right at the beginning. Although you’ll have a lot of Boost Pads at the outside of the piano, it’s good to stick to the insides and perform tricks at the black keys.

After getting off the piano, you’ll come across a bunch of Piranha Plants. Here, you’ll be able to Mushroom your way through the grass (After the Piranha Plants section).

Once again, perform tricks on the inside section of the musical instrument and get to the second set of item boxes. After this area, you’ll land onto many different musical instruments, make sure to trick off on each of these.

You’ll then come across a hybrid of Normal Ramp and Gliding Ramp (Alternatively changing). You need to make sure that you always go for the Gliding Ramp.

During the next section, make sure to perform a trick at every bounce and get to the third set of item boxes. Also, use a Mushroom and boost over the grass at the last U-turn before the finish line.

N64 Yoshi Valley
The first set of item boxes will be there at the very beginning of the track. After the item boxes, the track will split into many different paths which will be very confusing to explain.

Anyway, all of these paths will converge near the second set of item boxes. Just keep on going through the curvy road and you’ll get to the third set of item boxes.

Go through the bridge and use Mushroom to boost over the grass and cut short the distance to the finish line.

The path where the paths split up, it doesn’t matter which path you take since they take up almost same time to reach the second or third (if you use the cannon) set of item boxes.

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