Mario Kart 8 Balloon Battle Tips and Strategy Guide

Mario Kart 8
In Mario Kart 8, Balloon Battle is a separate mode from Grand Prix and Multiplayer Mode which revolves around hitting your opponents’ balloons to score points.

Each player begins with a total of three balloons and hitting a balloon rewards players with a point.

Unlike any dedicated battle arena, Balloon Battle takes place on already present racing tracks with players getting all sorts of items to pop their rivals’ balloons.

Mario Kart 8 Balloon Battle Tips

Below, you will find some tips and strategies that we have compiled to make you an ultimate Balloon Battle champion!

Keeping an eye out on your map plays an important role in this mode. Your map will not only disclose the location of your opponents, but you’ll also receive information regarding locations of different items which comes in very handy during this game mode.

Speaking of items, all of the items featured in Balloon Battle are the same items from Grand Prix. However, you’ll not see items like Blue Shell, Bullet Bill, and Lightning.

Almost all of these items work in the same manner as they do while racing except in this game mode, you’ll be using to destroy the balloons.

You can refer to my Mario Kart 8 – Items Guide to know more about each item and how to use it effectively!

When it comes to choosing your character and vehicle, always go for smaller characters like Shy Guy instead of larger ones. By doing this, you’ll be providing your enemies a smaller target to hit. Furthermore, since you’ll be moving around a lot, you’ll need a ride with good acceleration and handling. Keep that in mind!

Knowing your whole course works greatly in your advantage!

If you’re aware of your current location and know where the items are, you’ll have an insane advantage over your opponents who will have to do a bit of searching first.

Now, although I’m not a big fan of camping/hiding, this is something which you must do in order to ensure your survival and most importantly, victory.

Keep a few items at hand and start camping! However, you need to have a keen eye on your map as it will tell from where the enemies are coming.

Also remember that same goes for the other players! Most players will immediately go into hiding when they’re in the lead. Therefore, you need to make sure to find them and have a few deadly items at your disposal. Items like Red Shells and Piranha Plant work best in this department.

Share your own tips and strategies with me in the comments below!

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