Mario Golf: World Tour On Nintendo 3DS Gets 3 DLC Packs

Mario Golf: World Tour

Nintendo has announced that the upcoming release of Mario Golf: World Tour will be accompanied by some downloadable content (DLC) down the line. In total, the sports title with receive three DLC packs; one upon release and two later on.

Each set will append the rosters with two new 18-hole tracks, as well as another golfing character. A DLC Pack will be available through Toad’s Booth, which will be set on the main menu.

There are two ways to purchase this additional content. Its simplest method is to pick and choose packs separately, which comes at $5.99 for each.

Mario Golf: World Tour fans who are already certain of their fealty can get all three extras in a Season Pass, which costs $14.99 and will become available on release day, May 2.

Here is what you’ll be able to get:

  • Mushroom Pack: Toadette. Available on release.
  • Flower Pack: Nabbit. Available later in May.
  • Star Pack: Rosalina. Available in June.

Additionally, those who opt to get all the DLC through the Season Pass will get a Gold Mario character upon purchase. Those who buy every piece of DLC as it releases will receive the extra when all packs have come out.

Gold Mario gains extra coins with a special Golden Flower shot. Coins are counted by the amount of yards the ball travels.

Mario Golf: World Tour releases on Nintendo 3DS for $29.99, which is below the normal pricing for Nintendo games. It looks like Nintendo is finding a way to make up for that.

We recently played through some of Mario Golf: World Tour. It’s decent, but it never stands out.

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