Mario Golf Super Rush Tips

Mario Golf Super Rush introduces players to a friendly-looking yet all-the-more complex sports game with its introduction of various Nintendo characters in the game. In this Mario Golf Super Rush Tips and Tricks guide, we’ll be showing you a few tips from our end to help you maximize your potential.

Mario Golf Super Rush Tips

Mario Golf Super Rush introduces various new iconic characters to the golf field. Each of them having their own abilities. The game isn’t as simple as swinging your golf club and scoring a birdie. There are a lot of important factors at play, that we’ll be showing you.

There are a number of tips you’re going to want to keep in mind if you want to become the best there is at Mario Golf Super Rush.

Game Modes

Each Mario Golf Super Rush game mode has its own playstyle, and you can start your career with any of these depending on your preference. Playing anything and everything should help you progress significantly in your golfing career in Mario Golf Super Rush!

Golf Adventure

Your first instinct should be to play multiplayer, but a much better option is to start with this mode. This will help you get a lay of the game and increase your ability level by a lot as you will spend a good six to ten hours playing this mode. You will learn several courses and mechanics in this mode.

This will also help you improve your Mii character. Additionally, it will unlock every course in the game. You will tour a lot of towns in this mode and play several holes. The areas you go through will be unlocked for every other mode.

Shopping will help you increase your speed and stamina in the game. You can get many items from the toads. It is very important that you make use of these toads. Spend cash and you will not regret it.

Solo Challenges

This mode will help you in getting your Mii character strong and boosting your Mushroom Kingdom roster. You need to collect character points. These points will help you upgrade your character as well as your club set. Play rounds to collect these points. Solo challenges will be very helpful to collect these character points.

Play Golf

The main mode apart from Golf Adventure is Play Golf mode. You can either play solo, local, or online multiplayer in this mode. There are sub-modes in this section. These are Battle Golf, Speed Gold, and the simple Standard Golf. Let’s take a look at these modes:

Standard Golf

The name states standard golf which means that this is the most played mode of the game. This mode is most suitable for motions controls. You don’t have to move around as much in this mode so you can make the most of them.

The first format on this mode is Stroke Play. In this mode, you have to try to do the lowest score possible. The second format is Point Play in which your score depends on your performance on each hole.

Speed Golf

Speed is in the name of this mode. You have to run from shot to shot by dashing. There is a high score and the best time in this mode. These are self-explanatory, and they determine who has won the round.

Battle Golf

This is a special mode in the game. You have to use dashing a lot in this mode. The different dashing modes are normal Dash, Special Dash and Rush moves. There are many holes in the two arenas. These are transformed into stadiums for this mode.

You can target any hole. After you complete a hole it will be gone from the map. If you complete three holes first, you win.

Golf Guide

There are two categories in this mode. This area is split into two categories. The tutorials displayed in this game mode are very helpful in understanding the mechanics in the game. You learn on specifics like Shift and Control, Rain Effects, Carry and Run etc. You will also learn Gold Lingo from this mode.

Tips and Tricks

Now let’s take a look at some tips and tricks to get better with different characters in Mario Golf Super Rush.

Judging the Distance and Applying spin

The first tip is very simple. You have to judge the distance and apply spin to your shot. You can learn the range of every club you have. You can see an overhead view of the hole by pressing X. You can plan your shots by looking at the white bar at the end of the shot.

You can also apply topspin to your shots. This will add a bit more carry. In case the line is further, add a little backspin. If you learn to add spin to your shot it can help you a lot. For spin, you need to press the A button plus the right button to add topspin.

For adding a backspin, you need to press the B and down button. Press the button once to get a standard spin, press it twice for a ‘super’ spin.

Learn to Curve and Elevate Shots

In order to learn how to curve a shot perfectly, you need to apply an after-effect to your ball curve. This can help when you have a high object that is blocking your paths like a tree or something.

Elevation can also be very helpful in such cases. To add elevation, you need to push up on the stick on the left side and wait for the gauge to fill. However, the wind will affect your ball more the higher it goes.

Play the conditions

The user interface will help you get conditions. This includes wind direction and speed. You can change your shot distance and direction according to those conditions. Another thing to note is wet conditions. This is especially helpful when dealing with putts.

Putting and Power Shots

Your round can be transformed by the two extremes related to the range of the shot, which are power shots and putts.

The visual cues in the game will help you outline the movements of the green. There will be a grid that will help you with a straight shot.

General Tips for Mario Golf Super Rush

  • The distance of your hit is determined by power.
  • Your stamina is very important, try to keep it up for quick shots.
  • Your speed tells you how quickly you can go from one shot to the other.
  • The accuracy of your shots is determined by control.
  • The spin control of your shot is determined by Spin.
  • Play a practice match before starting the game. It will help you out a lot in actual games.
  • Learn the special shot of every character. This will help you use the specialty of every character to your advantage.
  • Learn to dash better. Dash from heart to heart to refill your stamina.
  • You need to play smart. Stay away from bonkers, attack the holes, and don’t make mistakes.

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