How to Reveal The Map In Elden Ring

To reveal the map in Elden Ring, you will have to find map fragments of different region that will unlock the map for you.

When you just start your gameplay in Elden Ring, the map will be empty at this point. You will be able to walk the map areas as you please, but there will be no information on the next routes and points of interest. You will have to work your way around to reveal the map details about further regions, sub-regions, and Sites of Grace to progress your storyline. This guide will tell you exactly how you can reveal or unlock the map in Elden Ring!

So how do we Reveal the Map in Elden Ring?

To reveal or unlock the hidden parts of the map in Elden Ring, you need to look for map fragments. These are nothing but collectibles you can gather from different map places where you can access these and use them for revealing their corresponding part of the map. So in order to unlock the Elden Ring map, you will need to play a mini-game of sorts to find those map fragments.

Map fragments are placed under certain monuments. These monuments are mostly situated on the roadside and can be easily approached. Although there is not plenty of information about other related things, you will still see the map fragment monuments on your map.

The position of these monuments is clearly marked on the map with a unique symbol (though very small in size).  Sometimes, however, you may need to wander in a sub-section of a region until the map draws the monument icon for you. Once you decide to get a map fragment of a certain region, you simply need to approach it and click for looting.

map fragment monument elden ring

The glow on a monument will fade away as soon as you remove the map fragment it holds. This will cause a lot of details to be seen now, the description of which can also be viewed by visiting your inventory.

Once you collect a map fragment from its monument, you will see the details of the boundaries, lands, and surrounding areas of this sub-region, allowing you to have an idea of where to go next in your gameplay journey.

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