No Man’s Sky Debut Trailer Re-Created With Far Cry 4 Map Editor

Debut trailer of the highly anticipated title No Man’s Sky has been re-created using the Far Cry 4 map editor.

I have to say that the work done by the creator is pretty neat, but he had to stay within the world of Ubisoft’s open world universe, which is why he was unable to bring all the stuff in.

Overall, he has done a good job of making it look like the original.

People got interested in No Man’s Sky since its reveal trailer, but the popularity really picked up when developers showcased at E3 how beautifully crafted their world is and how much detail it contains.

Every player will be given an uncharted universe to explore from the get go, and they will go to different destinations. All of the information about the planets and life forms will be shared online.

Not every life-form you face in the game will be hostile, but you can still fight them if you want to. However, there will be areas and some species which will be completely unforgiving, forcing you into a fight.

The game is based around online play as there is constant information sharing, but developers did confirm that No Man’s Sky can be played offline.

No Man’s Sky will arrive first on PlayStation 4, and after the exclusivity period is over, it will be released for Microsoft Windows.

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