Mandatory Doom Re-Release BethesdaNet Login Was A Mistake

Bethesda did an oopsie, not the first time we’ve seen that. However, this time they actually did rectify it before it was too late. The issue being of course, the mandatory BethesdaNet login on the classic Doom re-releases.

To celebrate the upcoming Doom Eternal release date in November, the re-releases came. These being the original Doom games that paved the way for the FPS genre itself.

These games go way back and I mean way back. Dating back to the 90s, a time where Bethesda didn’t even exist. To see them slap their login as a sort of gatekeeper on a classic game was disrespectful to say the least.

This isn’t just an opinion either, I’m basing this statement on the insane amount of backlash the company got for doing so. People were quick to voice their call-outs on social media. Attacking Bethesda for putting their name on a prized classic.

Either way, Bethesda took notice. They Tweeted out this notice saying they made a mistake. The login was added to track achievements that players would get in the Doom re-releases. The intent wasn’t to have the login mandatory, though. That part was the slip-up. You can find their Tweet here:

The original Doom games have always been on a pedestal of sorts. As I said before, they set the precedent for many games to come. The Doom re-release was part of the id Software marketing campaign regarding Doom being Eternal. They sure proved that point with the games alone.

What wasn’t Eternal was Bethesda’s name slapped onto the games. Either way, they dodged a bullet by being as quick as they were to fix it. We wouldn’t want to see another Duffle Kerfuffle like last time now, would we? After the mandatory Bethesda.Net login is removed, players can finally enjoy their Doom Re-Release.

Doom Eternal releases this November on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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