Man of Medan Pictures Locations Guide – Find All Collectible Paintings

Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn was a huge hit that gathered a pretty big fan base. If you’re one of those fans then the company’s newest title The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan will interest you. Just like Until Dawn, this game has hidden collectibles that you’ll come across as you play each chapter. There are 13 black and white pictures in the game that are kind of like the totems in Until Dawn. This guide will help you find them all.

Man of Medan Pictures Locations

Black pictures foreshadow some dark events such as deaths while white ones hint at positive futures. We’ve explained the location on a Chapter by Chapter basis.

Some of these chapters are only available if certain things happen during your gameplay so it’s possible to miss some of them if things happen differently.

High and Dry – ‘Wreck’
When you’re Alex, go to the cabin where Brad is. You’ll find a white picture to your left when you come down the stairs.

Cut and Run – ‘Uninvited Guests’
When playing as Fliss, open her room and get the picture. You can’t access the room when playing as Alex.

Devil and the Deep – ‘Dive’
As soon get control of Julia while diving, look for the picture inside a small opening on the left corner.

In the Offing – ‘An Escape’
When playing as Conrad (or Alex if Conrad escaped), go to Fliss, and you’ll find a room with many bunks. The picture is in the back right corner of the room.

Cut of Your Jib – ‘Caskets’
When playing as Alex, go to the room outside the kitchen that has many tables placed on top of each other. You’ll spot the picture on the left side of the room.

Close Quarters – ‘Danny’
When Danny is leading Fliss, you will pass by the picture and he’ll shove you to keep moving if you try to interact with it. Simply go back to it once you’re free of him.

Copper Bottom – ‘Finding Friends’
After getting through the hole by using the box, Brad, needs to enter the first door to the right which leads to a mailroom. The picture is on the right side of the room.

Keelhaul – ‘Ritual’
During this part, there is a timer so you need to collect this picture quickly. When Fliss, enters the ballroom, take her through the open door to the right side of the stage curtains to find the picture.

Plain Sailing – ‘Glamor Girl’
Conrad spots a ghost and then head upstairs. Immediately enter the first door to your left and then from that room, head into the next one via the door on the right. You’ll find the picture on the wall next to the door.

Loose Cannon – ‘Distress Signal’
Once you’ve climbed the stairs and you’re in the control room of sorts during this chapter, you’ll want to look out for the picture in the back left corner of the room by the doorway. It’s the doorway you’ll go through to find the radio.

Ship Shape – ‘Glamor Girl’ (Curator’s Cut)
When you’re in control of Fliss and are looking around for Conrad, there will be a locked door on the left-hand side of the hallway. Get Brad to help you open it, and the painting is at the end of the room.

A Little Hope – ‘Olson’
After the group decides to split up, have Alex follow Julia, while Brad is paired with Fliss. Brad will eventually start searching for the rest of the group and will come across a room that has many lockers and beds. The picture can be found hanging there.