Man of Medan Endings Guide – How to Unlock All Endings, Choices and Consequences

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan is a story full of horror and suspense and also very confusing at times. Its mysterious story is very unique and the way it plays through is very interesting, that’s why it’s catching the eyes of many gamers.

As with the first play, you might believe that this game is a horror story but it’s not even close to what you think. It is a mystery game about the thrills of a secret military operation/project.

You might not get it first but as you progress through the game you will get some hints to the mysterious ways of the game. These hints will come mostly from the curator or some collectibles.

Man of Medan Endings

As you complete the game you will see some of the characters appearing once and then you’ll just see them dead at the end of the game and you will never know what happened to them.

As you play some more times, some secrets of the game will reveal on you. You will see that the game has multiple endings, so many that all of them are not even yet discovered.

Here in this Man of Medan Endings Guide, we have explained all the possible endings we have come through and how to get those endings yourself through some specific actions before the ending act.

Worst Ending

As you proceed towards the ending of the game, the group will attempt to put out an SOS signal for help, by that radio on the deck of the ship.

If you do manage to break the distributor cap by messing with QTE’s and rats covering Olsen’s body, you will no longer be able to access the boat. So now you will have only one escape and that will be to call the military.

When you will contact with military you can either give them your exact coordinates, which will result in the arrival of a military helicopter. The other one is when you mess up the conversation by yelling at them.

In another possible way, when the group goes in search of generator you make sure that Brad and Fliss go together and Julia pair up with Alex.

After that brad will run into Olsen who has the cap, they will fight and ale will come to help and ask brad to run away. But somehow Olsen ends up on top of brad and Alex drop the gate resulting in the death of brad and the cap will be broken.

But it will not affect anything. If you mess up the first conversation it does not change anything as you can turn on the generator that will fix the radio up and you will have second chance to contact the military.

This time if you give them right coordinates a helicopter will arrive. Everyone will be happy on the rescue but this one gets grim.

The helicopter soldiers shoot at the group and kill all of them to cover up the secret of Ourang Medan, so the secrets of Manchurian Gold remain under wraps.

No Help

Now in this ending, you don’t call for the help through the radio of the boat, you do not turn on the generator and you do not get an intact distributor cap either.

This way, the group is just stranded on the island where Fliss chooses to go rowing on a boat with paddles in hope to catch some wave while others sit by in hope that some random person or some help come out of blue.

But this ends up- when Julia hallucinate a grim face of brad and he has a very evil smile on his face, it cuts black right there.

Conrad Rescues

At the beginning of the game, you see Conrad. If he manages to steal the boat from pirates, he can come to Medan to rescue the group with an even bigger boat.

Well, if you have the cap you can leave even before the Conrad comes and when he arrives he is alone to explore the ship and he eventually goes crazy due to the hallucinations from the Manchurian Gold.

Best Ending

So this ending comes when the whole group manages to escape on Fliss’ boat. This is the best ending we have faced so far in the game as long as the group is concerned.

Even if you call for the military help, the whole group will be able to leave the Ourang Medan if you have a good hold on the distributor cap and have it safely with you.

In this ending, when the military helicopter arrives, they see nobody and they start searching the ship.

This two military personnel who are searching the ship will run into Danny, who will have a sledgehammer and will start attacking these two men. That ends here.

Survivors Trapped in Prison

In this ending, if you have managed to give your coordinates to the military, either first time or second time.

But you fail to give the actual name of the ship (this is found with a collectible), then this time they will come and lock you up to prevent the world from knowing the secrets of Ourang Medan and Manchurian Gold.

In this ending, you make sure to lose the cap so group can’t escape to the Duke of Milan.

So far, these are all the endings we have gathered around. There will be more endings for sure. Until then, stay tuned.

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