How to Find First Drop Key in Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water

In this guide, we will be walking you through the first mission of Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water where you will learn how to find the Key in First Drop.

Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water First Drop Key

Fatal Frame, also known as Project Zero Maiden of Black Water is a survival horror game where you play as three different protagonists and use a special camera, called the Camera Obscura to repel ghostly spirits and seal their powers.

The first mission of Project Zero is called First Drop where you play as Yuri Kozukata and it introduces the game’s mechanics. Since this is the first mission, players might take a while to get a grasp of everything.

One of the objectives in this mission is to open a locked door and to do that, you first have to locate a key. We will be telling you just how you can get it to make things easier for you.

Snap the Door

After locating the door, you need to step back and pull out the Camera Obscura to take its picture. Taking the picture will reveal the key’s location. The photograph you just took will show a room with a doll. Now, you have to locate this room.

Locating the Room

You need to backtrack a bit and crawl back the same way you came in. Start walking down the corridor until you reach the room at the end and then enter it. There is another room behind this one and that room contains the key you are after.

Getting the First Drop Key

Once you enter the room in the back, turn left and you will see a glowing key on the shelf. But you won’t be able to pick it up yet as it does not exist in the physical realm.

To bring it back into reality, you first need to photograph it using the Camera Obscura. Point the camera towards the glowing key and keep changing the camera lens settings until a red dot appears and then you can take the picture.

You can now pick up the key and go back to the door to open it and continue your ghost hunting adventures in Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water.

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